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denim jacket: vintage (similar) // shirt: Forever 21 // shorts: H&M // shoes: Kate Spade c/o Shopbop // purse: Nordstrom (very similar)

You've surely seen bloggers, and even magazines, post outfits that take you from day to night. The idea is that you're perfectly work appropriate in the daytime, and but shake things up a little for date night or drinks with the girls after you clock out.

This outfit takes you from play to night. Rather than an office outfit, this one can take you from brunch to browsing a new shop down the road or the latest exhibit at your local museum. With the removal of your denim jacket and hiding the strap of your purse, making a neat little clutch, you're ready for a night of craft cocktails on a patio after sunset in the warm summer breeze.

This outfit was actually inspired by Katie, who was inspired by Daphne. My outfit is obviously quite a bit different -- no polka dots on my shorts; I switched out their white blouse for a red one -- but the idea is still the same. A denim jacket topping a casual summer outfit with a little extra spunk. I probably should have worn my huaraches to complete the look, but I just love my gold Kate Spade flats too much, and they haven't gotten enough wear here on the blog. Plus, they match my white purse the best, which pulls the whole outfit together.

This isn't the most exciting thing I've worn on the blog, but it's also one of the easiest and most-repeated outfits in my recent repertoire, so I felt it was worth sharing. How do you prefer to go from play to night?

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