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I have got a serious case of Friday brain (as I'm writing this on Thursday night), so I'm going to keep this short and let you get to the good stuff. Also, I just realized that both this and last week's link love photos had shoes in them that I've bought in the last month, which only further proves my point that this is the summer of shoes. Gotta buy 'em all!

♥ Because who can think about anything else right now, here's 31 thoughts we all had watching #TheFinalFive win gold this week.

♥ Do you know the Cost Per Wear of your favorite pieces of clothing? I love the way Maddy breaks it down and advocates for smarter shopping.

♥ Emma wrote about the exact things I've felt when I hear "you've changed." Maybe you've felt these things too?

♥ I am definitely not ready for fall clothes because the heat index was 111 here yesterday, but Katie's 10 fall outfits to recreate got me thinking about my wishlist for the next season. (This jacket is at the top of my list!)

♥ Do you use A Color Story to edit your photos? I do, and I got a lot out of this guide for getting a deeper, richer photo.

♥ Speaking of photos, this post on layering props changed my life. That sounds dramatic, but it did get me really excited!

♥ #overallsgoals thanks to Ashlyn.

♥ Last week I learned that I have not one, but TWO friends who are faceblind. Read Indiana's experience and Mia's experience, and then tell me if you're also faceblind so I can always re-introduce myself and everyone around us when I see you in person!

♥ A wishlist of pieces that never go our of style: this classic bucket bag, these gorgeous loafers, these distressed jeans, this short sleeved chambray, these crystal cluster earrings, and this killer red dress.

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