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tropical leaf skirt3 tropical leaf skirt1 tropical leaf skirt7 tropical leaf skirt2 tropical leaf skirt4 tropical leaf skirt8 tropical leaf skirt5 tropical leaf skirt6 tropical leaf skirt12 tropical leaf skirt11 tropical leaf skirt13  top: Lush (sold out online, similar)// skirt: PARTYSKIRTS c/o Shopbop // shoes: Forever 21 // bag: Forever 21 (super similar)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

When I found out there was a company called PARTYSKIRTS, I was like, wait, someone made a whole company for me? That's basically my aesthetic in two one word. So when I saw that Shopbop had one on sale, I grabbed it right up.

Can you believe I didn't choose one of their midi skirts? To be honest, I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt this short. I almost decided to send it back after trying it on because I was like "OMG I'm showing so much leg who am I can I even blog that?" But then I remembered all the short shorts I've been wearing on the blog and Chelsea reassured me that this skirt is not, in fact, as mini as I initially thought. Plus, and this is kind of weird, but I keep showing up on all these lists as a "modest blogger," which I only am by accident, I guess, if at all. So, here's a little reminder that I'm not a modest blogger, just have an affinity for midi skirts, but really all pretty skirts in general.

Let's talk tropical. All things tropical have taken over fashion this season and, like midi skirts, I am here for it. It's really a shame I waited until this late in the game to get in on the trend, because there are plenty of tropical-themed pieces to be worn, and only so many weeks of tropical-themed weather left.

Because I can't stand to miss an opportunity to shop (even vicariously through you), here are some tropical styles you can add before summer runs out.

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