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Despite the short work week, the Interwebz poured down plenty of lovely links for us to enjoy! Scroll on for fall closet inspiration, tips for online shopping, a profile on one of my favs, and a super special project from a dear friend.

♥ I promise you, I have the coolest friends ever. My darling friend Taylor just published her first book and it's just as adorable as everything else she does. You may have heard of Taylor's shop Nothing But A Pigeon, where she carries crochet taxidermy that's so cute you might just die. If you (or someone you know!) loves learning new crafts, Crochet Taxidermy: 30 Quirky Animal Projects, from Mouse to Moose is exactly what you've been looking for. Perfect for crochet beginners, casual crocheters, lovers of cute things, and it makes a fabulous Christmas gift too!

♥ Does anyone else live by the Stacy London rules of style? I was a HUGE What Not To Wear fan and even read her book a couple years back, so of course I loved her profile on Refinery29!

♥ You know the saying "everything he touches turns to gold"? Well, everything Lisa touches turns to rainbow goodness.

♥ The story behind the original Madewell and how the one we know today came today.

♥ How to wear a little white dress for fall. (P.S. someone needs to tell me not to buy it, because the temptation is v strong.)

♥ Thank goodness for Buzzfeed presenting this research on the difference between being triggered and being uncomfortable, and why trigger warnings can be super important (despite what certain universities seem to think).

♥ Have a neutral a-line skirt you're looking to style this season? Kimberly shows you the way(s)!

♥ I get asked all the time for online shopping tips, and I'm just going to link everyone to this from now on.

♥ I've been working on my own fall style vision, and then Ashlyn posted her fall style story and I'm obsessed (per uzh).

♥ A wishlist: These perfect dresses for a fall wedding, these classic booties, this suede knee-length skirt, this pretty phone case, these ├╝ber-cool choker necklaces, and this burgundy crossbody bag.

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