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Happy Friday! I'm not sure if this was a slow news week, or I just opted to take in less of it, but I feel like I don't have as many links to share as usual! Though, what they may(?) lack in quantity, they sure make up for in quality! Read on for links on shopping, feminism, and why you deserve a vacation.

♥ Are blog posts about why you deserve a vacation supposed to make you cry? Because Chelsea's did. Whoops?

♥ Sometimes your blogger bestie publishes the exact post you were working on and does it better. Read what Kimi has to say about this season's most controversial trends!

♥ Run, don't walk: everything here is under $30 (for a limited time!).

♥ This mom and daughter text convo is the funniest (and realest) thing you'll read this week about tampons and the patriarchy.

♥ Speaking of the you work in a male dominated field? I'm fortunate to not, but I would absolutely use this tactic coined by women in the White House in order to be heard (and make sure my fellow women are heard too!).

♥ I wore variations of this outfit three out of five days this week. I'm not mad about it.

♥ I honestly didn't pay NYFW any attention this year, but I happened to spot the Lela Rose Spring 2017 collection and holy crap, j'adore it alllllll. Did you have any favorites? Any I should check out?

♥ A little wishlist: this v chic grey purse, these blush tassel earrings (that are totally different than the blush tassel earrings I already have....), these adorable block heels, this great alternative chambray shirt, and this real good pillow.

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