cool colors for a change

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shirt: thrifted Madewell (another scalloped lace top) // shorts: Old Navy // shoes: Old Navy // purse: Love Ding // necklace: similar // earrings: J.Crew Factory

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

The weather may not actually be cooling down any here in Austin, but I guess I was feeling inspired by the idea enough to try a whole outfit of cool colors! No matter the season, I tend to be attracted to warm colors, filling my closet with shades of coral, burgundy, mustard, and orange. It didn't occur to me until recently why I've had such a difficult time styling this top, but it's because everything in my closet is on the other side of the color spectrum!

I snagged this Madewell top at a thrift shop last summer and literally never wore it once. It was actually in a bag of things to list on Poshmark that I started compiling back in the spring. Then when summer rolled around, I found myself reaching for a short sleeved top that wasn't a T-shirt, and this one fit the bill! Though I was happy to be wearing it, I really struggled to style it; I basically wore it like a T-shirt with jeans and flats every time. I personally hate wearing clothes that don't feel like an outfit. I committed to finding a way to make this top work in my closet, or let it go for good.

There are some really great reasons to not have your clothes piled on the floor. First, you can actually use your floor for, you know, walking. Second, all your clothes aren't wrinkled. However, it's the floor where many of my best outfits come to be. I'd kicked off these lavender sandals near the blue and green lace top in my growing clothes pile, and suddenly I had visions of an adorable outfit I would have never noticed in my own closet! 

So, next time you need an excuse to not hang your clothes up after doing laundry, just show your mom/roommate/significant other this post. ;)

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