power color and a pop of gold

stripes and gold1 stripes and gold2 stripes and gold12 stripes and gold3 stripes and gold10 stripes and gold4 stripes and gold11 stripes and gold6 stripes and gold9 stripes and gold13
shirt: Old Navy // skirt: Old Navy // shoes: Kate Spade c/o Shopbop (love the new rose gold pair!) // purse: Old Navy // necklace: DIY

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

If you're wondering what outfits are contenders for my favorite of 2016, this may just be the front runner. I feel quintessentially myself in it. I know the stripes look like mustard in these photos, but they're actually chartreuse, which I've recently realized is my secret power color (see all the ways I've worn it on the blog here). It's definitely my favorite accent color; my chartreuse cardigan is easily the most-worn item on my blog. It also pairs exceedingly well with my other power color: coral. I loved throwing this DIY beaded necklace on for the smallest shot of coral to the outfit. It's not even a particularly colorful outfit, but I just felt really bright and fun while wearing it!

The real highlight of this outfit party are the pops of gold. These Kate Spade flats have been a closet staple this year, as gold flats have been since probably 10th grade when I realized they go with everything. However, I've struggled to find the perfect bag to match. Then, the other day I was waiting for my girlfriends by the fitting room and spotted this gold wristlet, which also fills my desperate need for an easy, versatile clutch. Good things come to those who forget what they're looking for!

P.S. If you've been looking for a little black skirt, I highly recommend this one from Old Navy! It's the perfect length and it's not that stretchy fabric that every skirt this length seems to be. It's lined and has an elastic waist in the back. And it comes in burgundy, which of course I also bought. I do suggest sizing down one! **ETA: IT'S CURRENTLY $9. GO GET BOTH.

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