writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt3 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt10 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt2 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt5 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt11 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt8 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt7 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt14 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt1 writes like a girl floral dress striped shirt4
dress: thrifted // shirt: Old Navy // shoes: Madden Girl via LuLu*s (save, spend) // purse: vintage Coach via Pieceology Vintage // necklace: c/o Vinca

Happy Halloween, y'all!

It wasn't until I saw this outfit in photos that I noticed...it's a little spooky, isn't it? I guess I had Halloween on the brain, or maybe Halloween just has better taste in clothes than I knew, but I think it works! It's a little bit Beetlejuice, a little bit '90s-girl-in-a-ghost-movie. I may not be the one to survive the ghost attack, but I'm probably the best dressed, you know?

What did you dress up as for Halloween this year? For the first time in my whole life, I didn't dress up as anything. I didn't have any plans and I don't even have an office to dress up and go to anymore, so I decided not to invest the time or money in a costume. Plus, I had a wretched head cold all weekend that made me miss a Hocus Pocus party with my girls, so my cat ears didn't even make an appearance! If I had ended up with plans, I was going to go as a cat cafe: cat ears, cozy cute all-black outfit, to-go coffee cup, and a stuffed cat for good measure. I've been so many different cats over the years, I've got to stay creative!

Tell me all about your super spooky styling choices for the day!

stripes and floral, but spooky

When I started working from home, I wondered how it might affect my shopping habits. Well, this month is a pretty good indicator of what may be ahead! Though I spent the majority of the month adding pretty things to my shopping cart, I only made a few purchases. While working from home definitely factored into my limited shopping, I think the real culprit(?) here was the hot October weather. I've learned from the last couple of Indian summers that I should wait to shop for the cold once it's actually cold. Trying to predict what I'm going to want to wear in, realistically, another month or so just isn't as effective as buying things as I find myself reaching for them. I think this is going to save me money in the long run, but also keep me from buying things that just sit in my closet because I don't find them useful after all.

All of that said, here's what came home with me (and stayed!) in October.

What I Bought:

what i bought october

ASOS Gingham Smock Shirt Dress - $52.70
H&M Black Denim Overalls - $39.99 (worn here)
Loft Blush Ankle Strap Block Heels - $41.70 (sold out online) (worn here and here)
Pink Cosmo Ada Cat Crossbody Bag in Grey - $49.95 (sold out in grey, linked to black)
Urban Outfitters Crop Top (not pictured, thrifted) - $8.99

Total Spent: $193.32

Total Earned on Poshmark: $40.00Rollover from September: $45.82 = $85.82

Budget Spent: $107.50 (out of monthly $250)

It's safe to say I'm obsessed with the things I bought this month. They're all things that have, in some way, been on my to-buy list for a while, and that I know I'll wear for a long time. You've already seen the overalls and blush block heels on the blog, so I'll focus on the things you haven't! Both a gingham dress and ASOS' smock dresses are permanently on my wishlist, and I'm really stoked about the one I ended up with! I saw it on Noelle's Instagram stories at the end of September and had the tab open for like two weeks. ASOS finally had a sale and I grabbed it up immediately! I probably should have sized down, since it's a smock dress (I bought it in an 8), but I definitely don't mind having the extra room!

The other item you haven't seen on the blog yet is my new cat purse! I spotted it in this post on Alena's blog and just about died. I've had my eye out for a grey purse this season, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled I ended up with a cat-shaped one. So far the quality is great -- really, I was super impressed with the structure and quality when it arrived -- and it holds so much stuff.

What I Received:

As always, I want to be transparent about what I receive from brands as a part of this blog. I have an ongoing partnership with Shopbop and I was able to work with local jewelry brand Vinca this month. Here are the lovely pieces I received October!

what i bought october2
BB Dakota Fringe Trim Top c/o Shopbop
BB Dakota Pierre Textured Moto Jacket c/o Shopbop
Shashi Mia Tassel Fan Earrings in Black c/o Shopbop
Pretzel Necklace in Birch Wood c/o Vinca
Y'all Necklace in Mirrored Gold c/o Vinca
Persian Kitty Earrings c/o Vinca (worn here)
Unikitty Earrings c/o Vinca

You may have seen that I did a review of my Shopbop sale haul on Instagram stories last week. I ultimately decided to return the Splendid Hamptyn booties I bought because they were really uncomfortable, not the color I expected, and I didn't love the shape of them on me. Other than that, I'm obsessed with what I got! I got the BB Dakota sweater in a large, so it's less cropped than shown here, but has a boxy fit that I like. The leather jacket is my favorite thing. It's soft and easy to move in, which will be great for layering. The Shashi earrings are also super cute on and I can see myself wearing them all year 'round.

Vinca is an amazing jewelry company based here in Austin that I've been a fan of for a while. I think I first saw them at the ModCloth IRL popup back in May, and I love spotting their jewelry around town. They're the queens of kitschy jewelry, including everything from cats to brunch and even a limited edition Nasty Woman pin.

I did also want to mention that I picked up some vintage pieces and goods from local sellers this month, both of which I don't include in my budget (which I've written about here, if you're interested!). I'm excited to share them on the blog soon, because, y'all, I seriously lucked out with some awesome stuff.

So what's on my list for next month? Well, I'm waiting for these loafers to come in the mail. Really hoping they're the ones! I also need jeans baaaadly, and maybe I'll start buying some sweaters. First, though, I'm desperately looking for a white or cream long-sleeved blouse for layering under dresses. I think I don't want it to be a button down, though I'm not averse to a collar. I'm having an unexpectedly hard time finding one I love!

As always, I'm linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers! Be sure to head over to Fran's blog to see what everyone else bought in October!

what i bought in october

writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy15 writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy2 writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy17 writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy5 writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy7 writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy12 writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy19 writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy9
writes like a girl black and cognac fall outfit old navy18
shirt: old Forever 21 (similar) // skirt: Old Navy (sold out online) // boots: Old Navy // bag: Old Navy (similar) // headband: francesca's (similar) // pretzel necklace: c/o Vinca

By now, you hopefully know that you can totally wear black and brown together. Keep your browns in camel or cognac territory, and you've got a recipe for one classy outfit. My problem? I seem to have so much trouble matching my shoes and bags when it comes to this shade of brown because everyone's faux leather seems to have some variation to it. I was pleasantly surprised when I brought these boots home that they're an exact match for my favorite tote. Turns out the solution to my problem is purchasing your shoes and bags from the same place! As if I needed another reason to give all my money to Old Navy.

I ended up pretty happy with how this outfit came together at the last minute one day when I was running out to do some errands. It reminds me of the outfits I made when I first added this top to my closet back in 2014 (herehere, and here). I know there are a billion and a half reasons to not shop at Forever 21, but this top is on its third fall season and still going strong! I'd almost forgotten about it having moved my cold-weather clothes to another closet, but seeing Kimi's recent skater skirt outfits (one and two) jogged my memory, and I'm so glad they did!

Let's talk about this necklace. Vinca has so many cute food jewelry that I had trouble choosing a favorite, but ultimately couldn't say no to a wooden soft pretzel necklace. You'd be surprised how versatile it is. The necklace, I mean, but pretzels are pretty versatile, too, if you think about it. Cover them in salt, cinnamon, butter, icing, or cheese and they're still delicious. I guess you could say I like my clothes like I like my snacks: adaptable and always waiting for me at the mall after a hard day.

tricks and twists

writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray3 writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray7 writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray17 writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray9 writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray14 writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray2 writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray4 writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray5 writes like a girl modcloth chirps and salsa skirt chambray11
skirt: c/o ModCloth (similar fall-ish version) // shirt: Old Navy // booties: ooold American Eagle (similar) // purse: STRUT (similar-ish) // earrings: c/o Vinca USA (exact) // necklace: DIY

Cats and birds may not be known for getting along, but they make the best of friends in this outfit! When Austin-based jewelry company Vinca USA reached out to me about wanting to give me some of their fantastic cat jewelry, I was just tickled at the thought of styling it with my favorite bird skirt. I'm always looking for clever pairings in my outfits (remember this post?). Maybe not what you'd expect to hear from a fashion blogger about putting together her looks, but what can I say, I'm not your average bird!

I've been excited to wear ModCloth's Chirps and Salsa skirt with booties since I got it back in May (previously worn here). Since both the skirt and my jewelry go hard on the whimsy, I decided to tone down the rest of the outfit with taupe booties and a classic chambray shirt. I like to think that if I were a teacher, this would be my Open House outfit. "Hi, I'm a responsible adult you can trust with your children, but I'm also a quirky-cool cat lady outside of the classroom." Except that I'm not a teacher, and in fact work from home, so I guess I'm just sending that message to strangers in coffee shops these days.

Now I'm feeling jealous of my teacher friends who get to come up with Open House outfits. What message would you send?

cat and bird game

writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt7 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt11 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt14 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt8 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt4 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt2 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt16 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt20 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt18 writes like a girl black overalls striped shirt5
overalls: H&M // shirt: Old Navy // shoes: Loft // hat: Brixton c/o Shopbop // purse: vintage Coach via Pieceology Vintage // necklace: DIY

It occurred to me recently that my affinity for overalls has a lot to do with my love of layering. Since adding these overalls to my closet, I've also picked up a vintage floral pinafore dress, and I've got one of those cute a-line denim overall dresses on my wishlist. I like the idea of skipping the jacket and wearing lots of pretty sleeves instead. Overalls = So many blouse options!

Because I'm predictable, I started by styling these with stripes. This was actually the exact outfit I had in mind for a pair of black overalls, all the way down to the blush heels from Loft. So, when I ordered a pair of these overalls in a 12 and they didn't quite fit, I sent them back and immediately ordered the next size in hopes that the outfit would become a reality. I'm happy to report that the size 14 was a great fit (if not a little more cropped than I'd expected). H&M, where sizes aren't real and you should try everything you think you miiiight fit into!

You're about to see a ton of these little wooden necklaces on the blog. Target had boxes of painted wooden beads on sale for one dollar, so obviously I bought them! I often feel like I don't have the exact necklace I want to wear with a particular outfit, so now I can just make one real quick when I'm getting dressed! Freaking brilliant. Target saves, y'all.

P.S. I've worn this shirt on the blog three times in the last month. See the other two ways here and here!



Who's ready for a quick distraction from the election? Because obviously you're all going to vote (hopefully even early!), so we don't have to talk about it here? Right? Okay good. Onto the links!

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General alert (because no one alerted me): Nordstrom carries J.Crew now! First on my list is this striped turtleneck.

The funniest thing I've read this week.

Fall outfit inspiration on Sarah, Alena (I maaay have bought that purse...), Daphne, Chelsea, Molly, and Rachel.

My favorite installment yet in Chelsea's Normal Girl's Guide to Freelance.

Have you heard about the new Instagram feature yet? Now if only Twitter would step up and take care of its users.

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I shared this on my Facebook this week, but thought you deserved to read about a little goodness in the world too.

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Real talk: why millennial women are burning out.

A wishlist for the weekend: this cat turtleneck, these disco-themed sweats, this ruffled button down, this colorful sweater, and these booties.

link love

leather loafers suede loafers fall loafers

Does fall make anyone else feel suddenly collegiate? I start wanting to fill my closet with button downs, cardigans, and especially leather loaders. I have this outfit in my head that I already want to repeat: straight, high-waisted denim, white collared shirt, oversized cardigan, and a pair of classic loafers. I see myself sitting outside of a coffee shop with a book and mug of hot chocolate, plenty of autumn leaves at my feet. Except, I don't have any loafers! It seems I'm not the only one with this vision, as there are a bunch of great pairs to shop this season. See?

Now comes the hard part. Do I want the leather Madewell pair or the suede Kristin Cavallari pair? A classic penny loafer or a pair with tassels? One of the feminine pointy pairs or a more masculine shoe? So many decisions!

Are you shopping for a new pair of loafers? What's on your list this week?

on my list | loafers

writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress1 writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress7 writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress2 writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress3 writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress9 writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress11 writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress5 writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress15 writes like a girl lularoe amelia ladybug dress12
dress: LuLaRoe c/o Megan McClary // shoes: Loft // purse: STRUT (sort of similar) // earrings: vintage

So, I has planned on writing this post about how sometimes a dress is just a dress, and it doesn't need a lot of layers or extensive styling, but then I got attacked by nine (count 'em -- NINE) wasps. Something about the bug print seemed to call for me to tell you that story. It's a cautionary tale, dear friends.

I was doing a little Sunday cleaning a couple of weekends back. All the furniture that had been moved during Dago's injury was finally going back in its place. As I was returning something to our outdoor storage closet on the patio, I found myself in sudden and excruciating pain, covered in a swarm of angry yellow jackets. I screamed absolute bloody murder, startling both Dago and people hanging out by the pool by our place. It all happened so fast, and I was stuck there in shock. Dago was telling me to run back into the house, but since yellow jackets can, you know, fly, I was afraid they'd just come with me! Finally I got back inside, where I continued screaming and sobbing while I begged Dago to fix it. He asked where the stings were and I just kept shouting "EVERYWHERE!"

I ended up getting in the shower, where I sobbed for another half hour, until Dago brought the apartment manager over to check out the situation. She found a MASSIVE nest under our patio table, where they had obviously just been lying in wait for me. On Monday, the maintenance guy came and blasted those mother buggers! I'm still afraid to go out there to put away the stuff that's now just been sitting on the patio for two weeks. Also, if you look closely at my arms in these photos, you can see the swelling and redness from a few of the stings.

In conclusion, don't do chores, and don't go outside. For more reasons to not put things back where they go, read this post!

Oh, and, say hello to my new hair!

a bug's life

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