3 fall pieces worth the investment

It's that tiiiiiime! Not only is it fall. Not only is it the best season for shopping. It's also the Main Event Sale at Shopbop! This sale works a little differently, making it the perfect time to stock up on a few investment pieces for fall -- all at once. Through Friday at midnight, get 25% off orders up to $500 or 30% off orders over $500 using MAINEVENT16.

To help you make the most out of this sale, I've rounded up a few of my favorite fall investment pieces. These are things you'll spend a little more than usual on to get stellar quality that will last fall after fall after fall.

Quality Jeans

While I really am a fan of Old Navy's Rockstar jeans, I can't deny my love for my pair of AG Jeans. I bought a pair last year and the quality is incomparable. They're thick, extraordinarily soft, and have just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable but hold their shape. I've tried a lot of jeans, but no pair makes me feel as confident and like I have my shit together as a quality pair like AG.

I own the high-rise Farrahs in 10 Years Haven (the same wash as the midi ankle pictured below), but I'm loving each these pairs so much!
shopbop ag jeans shop all AG Jeans

Leather Jacket

One of my must-have items this year was a nice leather jacket. My previous two jackets were from Papaya and Charlotte Russe...so...it was time for an upgrade! Now, I'm not a girl with an extra $500 lying around for a jacket, which is where BB Dakota comes in. Yes, they have jackets that are upwards of $300, but their $100 jackets are the perfect balance of quality and not breaking my bank account. Plus, all of BB Dakota's leather jackets are vegan!

I recently got the olive Carmen jacket, which I'm eager to style once the temperatures drop. If you are a gal who looks in your closet and sees a sea of black clothes, consider getting a jacket in another color for a little contrast! Or, if a leather jacket feels like it's too tough for your feminine wardrobe, the toffee Peppin jacket would complement your style beautifully!


While a leather jacket is on my "must-have" list, booties are an actual necessity for fall and winter, no? Sure, I may not need another pair, but there are just so many lonely booties in the world waiting to be worn. It's the humanitarian (shoetarian?) thing to do.

I became familiar with the brand Splendid during my very brief stint working at Nordstrom long ago, but I had no idea they made shoes! I spotted their shoe selection on Shopbop recently and fell all the way in love. As if you couldn't tell that I'm into colors this season, I'm especially digging that their booties come in such a great variety of shades -- beyond your typical black and brown. I'm actually shopping for a grey pair currently, and I'm deciding still between the Hamptyn and the Henri. Which style do you like better?

shopbop splendid

shop all Splendid booties

Only need one of these investment pieces this season? This sale is a great time to go in on an order with friends or family to get the total up to $500. Call up mom, text your sister, or tweet your bestie and get to shopping!


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