the cocktail of salads

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I'm not much of a drinker. If all that's available is beer or wine, I'll pass entirely on almost any occasion. However, if I'm out and the menu has a fancy little cocktail with lemon or lavender, I happily indulge. I'm not drinking for the sake of drinking; I'm treating myself with something tasty!

I've recently begun applying the same logic to salads. Truthfully, I don't really like salads. I love a good Caesar before my meal at a restaurant, but I couldn't be less interested in making my own at home or the pre-made salads at the grocery. Now, when I get a hankering for a good salad, I'm all about going big and making a delicious Cobb salad mine. Last Monday, I couldn't stop thinking about salad all day. I could have made a trip to the grocery and bought all the ingredients and made one myself, but what's the fun in that? When I give into a salad craving, I want it to be a treat. So Dago and I placed an order to my favorite local diner and I picked up a Cobb salad to-go. Something about the bazillion components to a Cobb makes it feel more fabulous than your average salad, so I felt pretty fancy mixing in my blue cheese crumbles and hard boiled egg as we caught up on Sunday night TV on the couch.

Anyone else prefer a treat yo'self approach to salad? Just me? Maybe next time I'll need to mix myself a cocktail to accompany my Cobb!

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