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What. A. Week! Let's back up a little. Last Friday I took the day off and took my mom to nearby Round Top, Texas for a day of antique-ing. On Saturday, I visited my favorite beauty parlor and went platinum blonde...and got short bangs! I've had the same haircut since fall of 2013, so this is major. I'm still adjusting. It's gonna take some time (and you won't even see it in an outfit post for another couple of weeks!). On Sunday, I went to ACL Fest to see Kacey Musgraves, Margo Price, Chris Stapleton, HAIM, and more -- and got a gnarly sunburn. So I'm now very blonde and very red. No wonder I'm not feeling myself! Then, on Tuesday, we took Dago to the doctor and he is officially walking (no boot, two shoes!) and driving again! His foot is still swollen for a couple more months and he's still a little limpy, but my goodness he/we have survived the bulk of this injury. Theeeeen on Wednesday, we celebrated 3 years of our podcast, Breakfast for Dinner, with our annual "awards show" The Dinnies. Basically, this week was crazy.

Because of the last seven days have been unusually busy, I was one post short this week. Can I make it up to you with some lovely links?

♥ I may be having a hard time adjusting to my own major hair change, but I'm obsessed with Madison's new DIY bangs!

♥ My fav thing on the Internet this week.

♥ Exactly what I want my future house to look like.

♥ How to avoid the dangers of like-chasing.

♥ And a reminder to disconnect and date yourself.

♥ Ugh, my favorite French blogger was adorable again.

♥ What's your favorite Netflix show? We finished Luke Cage this weekend and it was amazing. Seriously. But did you know that Netflix can tell when you get hooked?

♥ Probably the most ultimate podcast guide I've seen yet.

♥ Oooooh such a good (see: real) illustration of PMS (and, often, depression, too).

♥ I realized that I have very few comfy clothes in my life, and now that Dago can drive himself to and from work (!!!!!!!), I don't ever have to leave the house! Here's what's on my lounge wear wishlist: a pair of these cute sweatpants, a handful of these kitchy graphic tees, all of these cardigans I want to move into, this classy flip-flop alternative, this cozy throw, and this sweatshirt that appeals to my interests.

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