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I try to keep things pretty positive around here, especially during Friday link love posts, but life isn't always like that. My mom has been struggling with her health over the last couple of years and had an unexpected surgery a couple of weeks ago that has set my parents back significantly. You can read more about the situation here. I know there are a lot of causes reminding you it's the season of giving, but if you happen to have a little something, any donation helps reduce the burden on my family right now. Thanks for y'all's continued support. Whether or not you're able to give, just know I appreciate you.

I always look forward to Kimi's style sudoku recaps, and her fall edition did not disappoint!

Loved reading this list of what Emma learned in 2016.

A writer a really love was interviewed about her need to do different creative things (and I related hard).

Some very real truths about a beloved holiday movie I actually don't love that much.

And a very important bromance is confirmed by two very important ladies.

Katie's got some great tips for rocking a black turtleneck. Which outfit is your favorite?

Found this one via Fran's Top Three post -- a gift guide for people who hated 2016.

Loved this post from Liz about style values. Good things to consider for the new year!

Which case is your fav? I think I need a new one!

A little wishlist: a super soft sweater, a wallet you'll want to show off, a uniquely gorgeous pair of earrings, a totally festive turtleneck, a fun take on your holiday LBD, and a pair of slippers you'll never want to take off.

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