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Between my history with disordered eating and my ever-present anxiety, the grocery store has long been my own personal hell. From the rush hour-like flow of people pushing their carts about the store to my abysmal attempts at meal planning, every single aspect of the grocery store overwhelms me. When I was living alone, I sometimes convinced my mom to come along for moral support. Her being there may have cut down on the full-blown panic attacks in the pasta aisle, but I still wasn't coming home with bags of ingredients to make actual meals.

Living, and therefore grocery shopping, with Dago has helped over the years. Having a teammate to conquer the store with seemed like my closest bet at someday mastering my greatest challenge every week. And then he got injured. Not only did I return to shopping alone, but was faced with shopping for two. I can't think of anything I've dreaded quite like my weekly trips to the grocery. I needed a solution (or an intervention), and fast.

Among the regular shoppers I encountered each week were a herd of expert-grocery collectors in green t-shirts. They slipped smoothly through the aisles with purpose, not having to consider which brand of Alfredo sauce they should buy. These grocery store heroes work for Instacart, a personal grocery shopping and delivery service bringing your shopping list right to your home.

To say that Instacart has been my saving grace since Dago's injury would be an understatement. There's no frantic texting if I can't find his favorite flavor of Trail Mix. I can choose the right one while sitting next to him on the couch, and if the store is out, my Instacart shopper will alert me, letting me choose from similar options (or giving me the opportunity to refund if Dago's being especially picky). I also love being able to easily add things to my cart that I've ordered previously. My recent purchases all show up on the homepage so I don't have to go searching for things I buy weekly.

If you're wondering if I plan to go back to the grocery store after Dago can walk again, the answer is a resounding heck no! For the first time, meal planning feels within my reach. I've been using Pinterest to help me figure out what meals I'd like to eat (plus Instacart has a recipe page!), and then I can find and order those ingredients in the same browser. I still don't enjoy cooking, but I don't dread it the way I did before because I feel like I have control over the food in my kitchen. I know what I have and I bought it with purpose. Regular grocery shopping is full of distractions and if you forget an item, you're screwed. Even after I've put in an order on Instacart, I can add to it while my shopper grabs my other groceries. Great for realizing you forgot cat litter again! Oh, and speaking of cat litter, the shopper brings it right to my door! I no longer have to try to carry all my bags and a heavy tub of litter in the same trip (because who has time for multiple trips?).

The one hesitation I've heard again and again is about impulse purchases. Everyone loves to be able to add a box of Oreos to their cart without a second thought. One of my favorite things about Instacart is that I've discovered so many fun things I had no idea my store carried. I'm obsessed with the "shop the aisle" option. For instance, while looking for cookies one weekend, I learned that my store carries stroopwafles -- my absolute favorite treat. And it's not just cookies; I use the aisle view to check out salad options, since that can be super overwhelming for me in store (why are there so many kinds of leaves??).

For some people, Instacart is about convenience. I get that -- who doesn't love people bringing you stuff so you don't have to put pants on? But for me, Instacart is about making the food I buy and consume each week a non-issue. There's no dread or anxiety about putting in an Instacart order because I can take my time checking out all the options from my safe space on the couch and without the rushed feeling I get in the store. AND THEN SOMEONE BRINGS IT TO ME!

So, how do you get in on all of this? Through September 30, new customers can use the code LIKEAGIRL20 to get $20 and free delivery on orders over $35. If you've thought about trying Instacart, now is your chance! It sounds dramatic, but Instacart has changed my life. I wanted to be sure you had that opportunity too! (You can check out their locations here to find out if there's Instacart where you live.)

*In case you've been wondering, I'm still doing the intuitive eating thing! If you're not sure what that is, you can read a little about it here.

Disclosure: I received free Express Delivery for one year in exchange for this post, because that's how much I love Instacart! All opinions are my own, and I've been so excited to share my experience using this service with you. Thanks for supporting the brands and businesses that support me!

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pieceology vintage midi skirt1 pieceology vintage midi skirt2 pieceology vintage midi skirt3 pieceology vintage midi skirt4 pieceology vintage midi skirt5 pieceology vintage midi skirt8 pieceology vintage midi skirt6 pieceology vintage midi skirt7
tank: Old Navy // skirt: c/o Pieceology Vintage // purse Coach via Pieceology Vintage // shoes: Pieceology Vintage // hat: Brixton c/o Shopbop // short necklace: similar // long necklace: The Land of Salt

While I may not find as much time to thrift these days, I do make an effort to incorporate new-to-me vintage pieces to my closet each season. Luckily, Austin is just bursting with excellent vintage carried by some of the coolest shops. Because vintage, shopping, and my city are a few of my favorite things, I thought I'd do a little Best Of list for the ATX vintage scene!

Pieceology Vintage

As you may have noticed, the majority of this outfit is from Pieceology Vintage -- the skirt, purse, and shoes! Pieceology is owned by one of my closest friends, April, whose style blog evolved into a vintage shop last fall (you can see me model in her fall 2015 lookbook here!). I think I now own about five Pieceology pieces (remember my birthday dress?), and they get a ton of wear. That's probably my favorite thing about April's shop: she sells pieces you can actually wear every day that never look like a costume, they just fit into a regular girl's closet who's looking for something a little extra special. Plus, her prices are always affordable! Most Pieceology pieces are sourced from Italy, and I love following when she gets new shipments in on her Instagram stories. You can shop Pieceology Vintage online or at her fall/winter pop-up at Byron & Blue at 908 E 5th St #106.

Reverie Vintage

It only took me one encounter to fall in love with Reverie Vintage. As I shared in this post, I was shooting outfit pics with Chelsea one day when I spotted a vintage pop-up across the way. The rest is history! Helen lived in Korea from several years, but recently returned to Austin with bundles and bundles of impossibly beautiful vintage from around Asia. What I love most about Reverie Vintage are the bold (yet wearable!) prints and flattering silhouettes. My rose dress is seriously one of my favorite vintage pieces I've ever owned and I hope it fits me forever. You can shop Reverie Vintage on Etsy or at various pop-ups around town, which you can find by following her on Instagram!

Charm School Vintage

Charm School Vintage is a major player in the Austin vintage scene, and for good reason. Owner Shari brings the best of vintage from the 1890s to the 1990s, finding timeless pieces that were made to last. From leather bags to an amazing selection of boots to the prettiest dresses you've ever seen, Charm School has it all (my most recent purchase was a floral romper and navy Brixton felt hat). I especially love that their store is organized by color, which makes shopping even more appealing. They have a crazy-popular Instagram account where they post new arrivals you can shop (quickly! Their stuff goes fast!) or you can visit their beautiful East Austin store at 1111 E. 11th Street. Bonus: You can go to brunch at Blue Dahlia next door and then shop 'til you drop!

Prototype Vintage

Prototype Vintage's tagline is consistently spot on: "all killer, no filler." Prototype is my go-to when I'm looking for something that would have been an everyday piece of clothing for a cool girl in the year it was made. For instance, when I needed a pair of affordable high-waisted shorts, I went straight to Prototype, instead of heading to Forever 21 or H&M. When I was looking for a small brown bag, I knew I could count on Prototype to have exactly what I was looking for (vintage Coach for a stellar price). Two highlights of their store: an insane shoe collection and piles upon piles of vintage scarves. Prototype Vintage also shares new arrivals (and awesome vintage inspiration) on their Instagram, which you can shop from and find out more details by calling in, or you can visit their store just off the main strip on South Congress at 1700 1/2 South Congress Ave (just look for the bright green wall!).

Blue Velvet Vintage

Blue Velvet is an Austin vintage staple -- one I've shopped since high school! Located on North Loop (just around the corner from my favorite vintage furniture shop), is in the heart of Old Austin, and their vintage selection lives up to the neighborhood. If you're looking for cheeky vintage T-shirts, outerwear you can't pass up, or showstopping dresses for a great price, Blue Velvet is where it's at! You never know what you're going to find there, but you always walk out with something amazing. Keep up with their far out fashions on Instagram or visit their store at 217 W. North Loop Blvd.

Monkies Vintage & Thrift

Newer on the scene, Monkies Vintage & Thrift is located on The Drag right across from The University of Texas. In my opinion, Monkies is all about the way vintage can show off your personality, and at a great (student-approved!) price. Racks of overalls, denim jackets, band tees, and statement prints make shopping at Monkies a blast. The owners are cool kids who couldn't be nicer; they love vintage and can't wait to help you find that amazing piece you're stoked to own. I found my denim jacket there last winter and it was just such a lovely shopping experience. Plus, they always comment with love on my Instagram when I wear it, and having a relationship with your local vintage sellers is the best. You can follow their Instagram here and shop their store at 1904 Guadalupe St Suite C.

This is truly only a fraction of the great vintage in Austin, but these shops have proven to be consistent, stylish, supportive, and reasonably-priced. Where do you love to shop vintage in Austin?

the best in atx vintage

It's time for another shopping + budget recap! August was the third month in my summer quarter and I had just over $75 left in my budget. Do you think I stayed within it?

What I Bought

what i bought august
Old Navy Boyfriend Pocket Tee for Women - $8.47 (sold out online, but still available in stores I think!)
Old Navy Cutoff Denim Shorts - $8.52 (not pictured, seen here)
H&M Denim Overalls - $34.99 (not pictured, seen here)
LuLaRoe Amelia Dress in Mustard - $70 (not pictured)

Monthly Total: 157.92
Quarterly Budget Spent: $579.88
Quarterly Budget Remaining: -$79.88

Even though I exceeded my quarterly budget for summer, this is significantly less than I went over in the winter ($181.73) and the spring ($252.63). Progress, y'all! Though, still, obviously not within budget. Consequently, I've done a lot of thinking in July and August about my spending, and especially about these public budget updates. When I was participating in these budget updates last year, I wasn't actually keeping a budget, just tracking my spending to learn about my shopping habits. After seeing how much I spent, I set a budget that I thought would work for me, while also reeling me in quite a bit. 

At the time, I thought that a quarterly budget made the most sense for me because I shop by season. Now that I'm three quarters into 2016, it's clear to me that I need to switch to a monthly budget format instead. Due to this realization, a raise that hasn't yet been factored into my budget, and because this is my own dang blog/budget (and I do what I want!), I've decided to switch from a $500 quarterly budget to a monthly budget of $250. $250 is meant to be a comfortable number. Some months I'll likely hit it, and occasionally surpass it (though hopefully not!), but I'd love to stay under it for the most part.

For the sake of transparency, and because I don't think I've ever mentioned it, I wanted to share a list of things that I, personally, don't include in my budget:

- intimates (bras, undies, socks, etc.)
- loungewear and pajamas
- swimwear and workout clothes
- vintage and locally-sourced pieces

It's the last one, in particular, that I wanted to make sure I noted here, since I've obviously added vintage and items from local shops to my closet this year, but you haven't seen them in my updates. This exclusion from my budget is an attempt to shop more ethically and support two communities I care deeply about -- vintage sellers and local makers. These are usually one-of-a-kind pieces that I'd hate to walk away from, and they honestly take up so little of my yearly spending that I prefer to keep it separate from my regular budget tracking.

So! How do I plan to spend my $250 in September? I've got my eye on a leather jacket, a pretty wrap dress, and a few blouses (though those may have to wait until October if it stays this hot!). I'm also hoping to give this dress a try so I can recreate outfits like this in the fall/winter.

Because I value transparency, I always want to share what I received from working with brands each month. 

What I Received

Mexico Sandals c/o Restricted Shoes* (sold out, seen here)
(*Don't forget to get 25% off regular priced styles at Restricted Shoes using the code GIRL25 until August 31!)

As always, I'm linking up with Franish and the other budgeting bloggers. Don't forget to go see how everyone else spent their budget in August!

what i bought in august


Happy Friday! Or, at least I hope it's Friday! Assuming it is, here's some links!

♥ Your new favorite place to shop (especially if you love Texas + Louisiana!). Pro tip: 10% of every sale benefits those affected by the recent floods! 

♥ Love coloring books? Love giveaways? My darlin' friend Cathy is hosting a coloring book giveaway on her blog this week. These mandalas are seriously pretty and perfect for mid-week (or anytime) self-care! Go go go enter!

♥ This week in Stranger Things favs: loved this profile on Winona Ryder talking about things like Hollywood, motherhood (and lack-there-of), and anxiety.

♥ Implementing these tips has made me a rock star at working from home!

♥ Adina always helps me look at my closet in new ways, and this week's post about "the plantonic closet" got me thinking about the real MVPs in my wardrobe. What are yours?

♥ Two things I'm into: personality tests and stress management. This article breaks down stress by Myers-Briggs types, including ways for each type to handle their specific stress. Spoiler alert: it's crazy accurate.

♥ An outfit to copy tomorrow.

♥ Grab your tissues, this one's got a few levels of heartbreak. I don't know if y'all have read much of Buzzfeed's long-form investigative journalism, but their recent piece about a young woman who murdered her mother after a lifetime of medical abuse is an INCREDIBLE read.

♥ In lighter news, this is the exact outfit I want to wear well into our Texas "fall."

♥ A wishlist: another midi skirt I don't need, this cute little smock peplum blouse, these actually-perfect brown booties, this badass collar brooch, this totally Clueless-esque backback, and a gingham dress fit for fall.

What are you up to this weekend?

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lularoe madison floral skirt1 lularoe madison floral skirt2 lularoe madison floral skirt3 lularoe madison floral skirt7 lularoe madison floral skirt4 lularoe madison floral skirt10 lularoe madison floral skirt12
tank: old Forever 21 (similar) // skirt: Madison by LuLaRoe c/o Megan McClary // shoes: Old Navy // purse: Nordstrom (similar) // sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

When I was in the sixth grade, I got in trouble for being affiliated with a gang. You see, my middle school took gang paraphernalia very seriously, outlawing all sorts of things like colored shoelaces and bandanas. On one particular day, the school even threatened to send home anyone wearing red or blue. To be honest, I don't recall my school having a particular issue with gang violence, and in hindsight I think these precautions were racially motivated and extremely detrimental. However, that's a different story for a different day.

This story is about the single time I've been sent to the principal's office. My P.E. teacher was a sweet, round, old man named Mr. Culpepper. He did his best to get us shooting hoops or sending birdies over the net, but we preferred to spend our day walking the big oval track outside the gym. You might have called us a gang, in the sense that we were rarely seen associating with other students. But no more a gang than a gosling of ducks or herd of deer, or any other group of like-creatures (we were connected by our nerdom, trust).

You may remember the following trends from the early aughts: windbreaker pants and microfleece pullover sweaters. On the particular day I was sent to the principal's office, I wore a bubblegum pink pair of swishy pants and my favorite Pepto Bismol fleece (with the kangaroo pocket in the front, duh). Not one to skimp on the accessories, I wore a matching pink bandana tied around my short, poofy bob.

Mr. Culpepper took one look at me as I entered the gym -- unfazed by the fact that I wasn't "dressed out" in gym clothes, as I'd avoided them all semester -- and deemed the baby pink triangle of fabric a violent marker of my gang affiliation. Off to the principal I went, where the school receptionist phoned my parents. Baffled, they could hardly stop laughing, repeating "what, is she in the cotton candy gang?", to the administrator's dismay. My parents refused to retrieve me from school over such a bogus infraction, but the office insisted on holding my bandana until the end of the day so I wouldn't be tempted -- by acts of violence, I suppose?

Today's outfit is a bit of a tribute to my sixth grade self, a cotton candy gang member for life. After all these years, I guess Mr. Culpepper was right; there's nothing tougher than a pastel bandana.

pastel princess

theory blouse denim shorts3 theory blouse denim shorts1 theory blouse denim shorts7 theory blouse denim shorts9 theory blouse denim shorts2 theory blouse denim shorts10 theory blouse denim shorts12 theory blouse denim shorts11
top: Theory c/o thredUP // shorts: Old Navy (sold out, similar) // shoes: Forever 21 // purse: STRUT // earrings: Gudbling

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

If you read this blog back in the early days (hi Mom!), then you know that I had a bit of a thrifting habit. Until a couple of years ago, more than 75% of my closet was thrifted. While it's true that many of my clothes came from thrift stores out of necessity (hi student loans!), I truly enjoy the thrill of thrift store shopping. Searching through racks of clothes and discovering a gem -- a tweed Oscar de la Renta skirt, a Kate Spade blouse with tags, a pair of unworn Madewell flats -- gives me an unreal high.

As a full-time job, this ole side hustle, and general life happenings have become my everyday, I just don't have the time to scour thrift stores the way I used to. What used to be a weekend trip to Savers with Dago is now a quarterly (or semi-annual!) visit to the resale shop for a quick look. Enter thredUP. Now I can literally go thrifting from the comfort of my bed (thanks to their app!) and not even have to use hand sanitizer after I do it!

One of my secret shopping goals this year was to own a Theory blouse. I've been stalking them on Shopbop, but really don't feel comfortable dropping a couple hundred on one top. When I saw this beauty on thredUP for $33 instead of $170, I knew it was my time! That's what I love about thrifting; fashion doesn't have to be out of reach.

If you, too, have found that you've got less and less time to invest in going to thrift stores, thredUP is the answer you've been looking for. Here's a review of my experience so far.


Pieces You Love for Prices You Can Afford: Raise your hand if you've stalked an item online, just waiting for it to hit clearance. thredUP is like the world's largest clearance section! From pricey Boden and Madewell tops I've never pulled the trigger on to designer jeans I've been saving for forever, those name brands you say you love but have never owned are finally within your reach!

For instance,
Madewell Skinny Jeans - was $119, now $29.99
Marc Jacobs Faux Leather Jacket - was $286, now $52.99
J.Crew Cashmere Sweater - was $198, now $37.99
*P.S. use JCREW50 for 50% off first-time orders up to $50!

Popular Pieces in Multiple Sizes: Unlike a thrift store, you do actually have a chance of finding something in a few sizes. If there's something that a brand carries all the time, it's more likely that a lot of people have bought it and eventually sent it off to thredUP. For instance, I've seen J.Crew's most-coveted blazers in a whole variety of sizes.


Selection: Given the process in which thredUP obtains their clothing, I would have expected a higher quality selection of pieces to choose from. I feel that what's available is equal to most thrift stores, where you truly have to search for gems through a bunch of outdated, out-of-style and generally uninteresting pieces.

No Way to Save Your Favorites: I think if I could change one thing about thredUP, it would be the ability to save everything I'm interested in. With so many different kinds of items, a wishlist would have helped me shop way more easily than adding and removing things from my cart.

I'm already wishlisting items for my fall closet thanks to thredUP. What are you shopping for this season that you can score on thredUP?

I received product in exchange for this review of thredUP, but all opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks for supporting the businesses that support this blog!

get your thrifting kicks online with thredUP

mexico sandals restricted shoes3 mexico sandals restricted shoes2 mexico sandals restricted shoes5 mexico sandals restricted shoes6 mexico sandals restricted shoes9 mexico sandals restricted shoes12 mexico sandals restricted shoes14 mexico sandals restricted shoes13 mexico sandals restricted shoes7
dress: Old Navy // shoes: c/o Restricted Shoes // purse: Forever 21 // necklace: c/o francesca's // bracelet: Alex & Ani

I haven't put a whole lot of thought yet into what I'm wearing to ACL Fest this year (are you going? I'll be there weekend one!), but I do know for sure that these sandals are coming along for the ride. I'm not one of those gals who can hang at a music fest with heeled booties; comfort is key for three days of walking, swaying, and breaking it down in the Texas heat. Sure, these babies obscenely cute (like an oxford and a sandal had a baby!), but they are also insanely comfy. I've been told* that the soles are made special with tiny clouds, which is why my feet feel like they're on vacation when I wear them.

I've been a fan of Restricted Shoes since early college, when I had several pairs of vintage-inspired styles. (I had pairs similar to this and this back in the day!) While Restricted still carries what I consider to be the cutest in retro-esque shoes, they've also got modern pairs with the same quality I've come to know them for over the years. Next up, I've got these simple flatforms and these navy booties on my wishlist!

Got a few pairs on your own wishlist? Use code GIRL25 for 25% off regular priced styles to stock up on end-of-summer shoes or a few new pairs for fall!

*I have not been told this. I totally made that up. But, if I had to guess, I'd say they were because what else could make them this squishy and soft? Clouds, I'm telling you!

While I did receive product in exchange for this post, all opinions are, as always, my own! Thanks for supporting the brands that support me!

like a vacation for my feet

shop these dinos + more at The Plaid Pigeon

It's Fri-yay! It rained in Austin all week, meaning we got a (very) early hint at fall. I can't complain, especially knowing that summer isn't really over yet. Since this week isn't really over yet either, here are some links to help you get through the last bit of non-weekend.

♥ While Austin has gotten quite a bit of rain, Southern Louisiana is washing away due to devastating floods. My sweet friend Mallory, a New Orleans native, has helped compile and promote resources to help those who've been displaced by the floods. If you're able to help out in some way, this is a cause that needs your attention.

♥ You've surely finished Stranger Things, right? Here's 26 facts you probably didn't know about it!

♥ PUT THIS OUTFIT ON MY BODY: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

♥ A few of my favorite comedians sound off on the real issue: can men be funny? 

Have you been following Chelsea's Normal Girl's Guide to Freelance? Even if you're not a freelancer, she's got some great tips this week all about money!

♥ Have you thought about which fall trends you're interested in trying? I'm already rocking two of these regularly, and plan on grabbing the third when the temps finally drop!

♥ Loved this powerful poem I stumbled upon earlier this week.

♥ When did rainboots get so chic?

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in my cart modcloth pre-fall

So I know I just said last week that I'm not looking for any fall fashions yet, but then I fell down the pretty rabbit hole that is ModCloth's pre-fall arrivals. Can you say swoon? We know I love their whimsical prints and bold colors, and I'm totally enamored with how they pulled off both for fall. Bright mustard, deep burgundy, punchy emerald, and a whole slew of blue can be found in ModCloth's latest, plus a healthy dose of neutrals with that something extra special.

If I had to pick a might be the midi dress? Or the abstract floral goldenrod dress? How cute would that be with tights and a badass leather jacket? Of course the skirts stole my heart, thought I'm also in love with every single pair of shoes. I always feel like I need more blouses, especially with the number of skirts I'm hoarding, so I think I'd be remiss to leave those behind. 

What are you loving from ModCloth's new arrivals? Is there anything from my list you'll be adding to your own cart?

*Not sponsored, however I do earn a few cents if you click through the widget!

in my cart | modcloth pre-fall arrivals

kittens get thirsty too2 kittens get thirsty too3 kittens get thirsty too5 kittens get thirsty too6 kittens get thirsty too1 kittens get thirsty too8 kittens get thirsty too9 kittens get thirsty too11 kittens get thirsty too12 kittens get thirsty too10
blazer: Forever 21 via Poshmark (similar) // shirt: Classic T by LuLaRoe c/o Megan McClary // shorts: H&M // clogs: Swedish Hasbeens c/o Shopbop // purse: STRUT // pin: Felt Good Co // cup:

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

They say that taking a look in your closet can help you see which colors you gravitate towards when choosing things like your wedding palette or color scheme for your home. The first time I wore this outfit, I was surprised by how much pastel I was wearing at once. Then, when I shot these photos with Chelsea, I happened to have my favorite kitten tumbler with me, and couldn't help but notice how perfectly it matched. Turns out Pantone was right; Rose Quartz really is the color of 2016!

I was going to write that I couldn't even tell you how long I've been searching for a blush blazer, but that would be a lie. I know exactly how long. Because I am an excellent Internet sleuth. And also because fashion bloggers have a literal record of the outfits they've worn that I can search through. You know, one of those things. Anyway, in June of 2015, Adina introduced a blush blazer from Topshop to her closet. When it first debuted on her blog in this outfit, I was intrigued. However, this July 2015 outfit skyrocketed the blush blazer to the top of my shopping list. As a style blogger, I think we sometimes worry that we're not as useful as we set out to be, but I think this is strong justification that I should keep posting pics of myself on the Internet.

After almost exactly a year (to the week!) of searching, I found a fabulous blush blazer. I hesitate to say perfect because, while there are a lot of things I love, it doesn't fulfill every intended purpose. For instance, it has the shawl collar we know I love, but it's a little more oversized than I was hoping. I anticipate that I'll wear it a ton with jeans in the fall/winter, but it's quite a bit overwhelming with skirts and dresses. Since I found it on Poshmark, there obviously weren't a range of sizes available, otherwise I would have probably gone with a medium instead of large. Maybe I'll keep an eye out, just in case the actual-perfect blush blazer is still out there waiting for me.

kittens get thirsty too

tropical leaf skirt3 tropical leaf skirt1 tropical leaf skirt7 tropical leaf skirt2 tropical leaf skirt4 tropical leaf skirt8 tropical leaf skirt5 tropical leaf skirt6 tropical leaf skirt12 tropical leaf skirt11 tropical leaf skirt13  top: Lush (sold out online, similar)// skirt: PARTYSKIRTS c/o Shopbop // shoes: Forever 21 // bag: Forever 21 (super similar)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

When I found out there was a company called PARTYSKIRTS, I was like, wait, someone made a whole company for me? That's basically my aesthetic in two one word. So when I saw that Shopbop had one on sale, I grabbed it right up.

Can you believe I didn't choose one of their midi skirts? To be honest, I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt this short. I almost decided to send it back after trying it on because I was like "OMG I'm showing so much leg who am I can I even blog that?" But then I remembered all the short shorts I've been wearing on the blog and Chelsea reassured me that this skirt is not, in fact, as mini as I initially thought. Plus, and this is kind of weird, but I keep showing up on all these lists as a "modest blogger," which I only am by accident, I guess, if at all. So, here's a little reminder that I'm not a modest blogger, just have an affinity for midi skirts, but really all pretty skirts in general.

Let's talk tropical. All things tropical have taken over fashion this season and, like midi skirts, I am here for it. It's really a shame I waited until this late in the game to get in on the trend, because there are plenty of tropical-themed pieces to be worn, and only so many weeks of tropical-themed weather left.

Because I can't stand to miss an opportunity to shop (even vicariously through you), here are some tropical styles you can add before summer runs out.

tropical trending

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