writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat3 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat15 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat2 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat1 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat17 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat5 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat18 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat7 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat9 writes like a girl old navy bell bottoms navy brixton hat4
top: thrifted Urban Outfitters (similar) // jeans: Old Navy // shoes: Old Navy // purse: vintage Coach via Prototype Vintage // hat: vintage Brixton via Charm School Vintage (more Brixton hats) // necklace: c/o francesca's (similar)

I don't know about y'all, but the holidays trigger a lot of food and body weirdness for me. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard variations of "Oh, I'm trying to be good," or "Gosh, I've been so bad this week." Food is food is food. Unless it's expired or laced with cocaine, it's not inherently bad. And you're not bad for eating it, either! It's about balance and moderation, which I'm admittedly not great at, so that's not what this post is about.

I just wanted to remind you that what you eat during the holidays, or any other time of the year, doesn't define you. Also, skipping meals isn't healthy, and it's not a fair way to treat your body just because you had seconds or thirds of pie two days ago and you're feeling guilty about it now. I can say that because I did it for too long, and it wasn't fair to me either.

I was talking to some friends about the fact that I haven't owned a scale in years. I have a guesstimate of my weight, but have no exact number. I can tell you that I just bought my first pair of size twelve jeans. Does it make me a little nervous? Yeah. Not because twelve is bad. Not even because I don't like the jeans (I look slammin' in them and they're comfortable). But because I know that I got here because I ate too many bowls of cereal and didn't get out enough. The work from home transition has given me every excuse to never leave the house, including the steps I used to get in walking to the car or around my office, or even to lunch nearby.

This isn't a post about a New Year's resolution to work out + get fit. I don't believe it works like that, or at least it's not what I want for me. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone if you're also dealing with some holiday season body feels that seemed to come out of no where. To combat it, I've been drinking tea, shopping for friends, going on walks now that it finally feels like fall, and doing my best to listen to my body.

Do you struggle with food and body perception more around the holidays? How do you stay sane and be good to yourself?

good bodies and great jeans

I'll start with a spoiler alert: I went into this month knowing I was going to go just a bit over my budget. At the very end of October, I ordered these loafers that happened to go on a great sale that I couldn't pass up. From there, I had a really clear plan of what I wanted out of this month's budget, and I'm happy I was able to track everything down (while also staying on track)!

Usually at this point you've seen most of what I bought in outfit posts, but I'm a little behind on photos so I actually get to share about these pieces in this post! Here's what I bought in November:
what i bought november

H&M Knit Sweater in Emerald, Mustard, Beige, and Burgundy - $12.99 x 4 = $51.96
Gap Crazy Knit Shimmer Stripe Sweater - $27.88 (originally $69.95)
Gap AUTHENTIC Girlfriend Jeans - $27.87 (originally $69.95)
J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck - $39.50
Old Navy Suede Pointed-Toe Ankle Booties - $26.96 (originally $44.94)
Maiden Lane Pointed-Toe Leather Loafer - $79 (originally $109)
J.Crew Factory Striped Sweater (not pictured) - $17.99 (originally $69.50)
Forever 21 Necktie Blouse (not pictured) - $22.90

Total Spent: $294.06
Total Earned on Poshmark: $13.60
Budget Spent: $280.46 (out of monthly $250) = $30.46 over* budget

I was a bit like a squirrel this month, stocking up on essentials to get me through the winter. I knew that I wanted to focus my funds in December on holiday shopping for loved ones and paying off some debt, followed by what will be an attempt at a shopping freeze in January (just like last year). Especially now that I work from home (do I sound like a broken record?), I don't need to shop the way I did before. I leave the house only a couple of times a week, and I've been so excited to remix what I've got and make each outfit count in a way that I didn't pre-WFH.

If you want to know what basics look like in my closet, this is basically it. All of these pieces (except maybe the shoes) are foundations for outfits. They go over, under, and tucked into everything else I own, but can easily be worn on their own and still feel special. I'm averse to "basics" that feel basic; it's why you don't see me in a plain t-shirt very often. I don't feel like myself in a t-shirt and jeans, but put me in a striped sweater, girlfriend jeans, and loafers? Now that's an outfit. (And it took literally no more work than your average tee + jeans + flats combo!)

Okay, let's talk about these jeans, which are the highlight of my shopping month. What you can't see from this budget post are the seven pairs of jeans I bought and returned this month. SEVEN. Partially because I'm between sizes again and partially because I just wasn't finding what I was looking for, I decided not to settle for a pair of less-than-perfect denim. And then I found them. Designer jeans were way far off (what's with the button flies, y'all?) and Old Navy missed the mark, so I turned to my old standby: Gap. Before discovering Old Navy's Rockstar jeans, I exclusively wore Gap denim. (To be honest, the extra cost makes a difference in quality, while the fit difference is negligible.) So why these jeans?

My new WFH lifestyle has made me skinny jeans-averse. When I run out to check the mail or pick up a prescription, the last thing I want is to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans. Aside from the fact that I've sized out of my current pairs, the silhouette just hasn't been appealing as of late. I craved something cropped, mid-rise, and roomy. Boyfriend jeans tend to be too baggy, so I started looking at the trendier cut of girlfriend jeans. Gap's AUTHENTIC girlfriend jeans fit me -- and the bill! I might have to buy a second pair just because I only seem to want to wear these. I can't wait to show you super soon how to style them, because I think they make every outfit look a little bit more chic while being a lot more comfortable.

I'm being a wordy Wendy, so I'll save the rest for upcoming outfit posts. As always, I'm linking up with Fran and the budgeting bloggers. Be sure to check out what everyone else bought!

*I decided not to roll over my unspent budget from last month. $250 is a pretty generous monthly budget, so I'd rather go $30 over than keep spending just because I technically spent less last month.

what i bought in november

cratejoy cyber monday
This post has been sponsored by Cratejoy. All opinions are, as always, my own!

While Black Friday is often about stocking up on gifts for you, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to get your holiday shopping for others done before December even begins. I like to think there are two main challenges to gift buying: you either can't narrow down what to get or can't think of anything at all. I'm all about services that take care of the hard part so I can get on with enjoying time with my loved ones, especially during the holidays, which is why I'm so excited to have discovered Cratejoy!

Box subscriptions really are the gifts that keep giving (and giving and giving), making them the perfect holiday presents for literally everyone you know. Cratejoy's 12 Days of Giving manages to make things even easier by offering deals on boxes for each of your favorite people: the planner + paper addict, your favorite foodie, the hungry little bookworm, and even the guy who seems impossible to shop for.

I tend to think that some of the best gifts are the things we wouldn't normally spend our own money on. While Cratejoy's box subscription options are nearly endless, here are a few of my favorites.

Moustache Stationery

For the Instagram-prop collector, frequent snail mail sender, and desk accessory organizer. 4-8 items in each monthly box with an average value of $70. 

Skivvie NIX

For the gal who could stand to spend a little more time loving on herself. Receive 2 pairs of cute, comfy, sexy undies (of either the thong or cheeky variety) every month.

Beauteque Monthly

For that one friend who can't stop raving about Korean sheet masks. Asian beauty products from makeup to skincare to masks delivered monthly.


For your favorite hostess, work from home friend, or literally anyone who likes nice things. Beautiful monthly bouquets without having to leave the house.

I know I said these were supposed to be gifts for someone else, but honestly I might gift myself the
BloomsyBox to help achieve my 27 before 27 goal to keep fresh blooms in the apartment! While Cratejoy carries these great boxes all year 'round, you want to shop today as the last day of their 12 Days of Giving to get the most bang for your buck!

think inside the box this cyber monday with cratejoy

jcrew factory new arrivals fall 2016

I've been holding onto a J.Crew Factory gift card since June because I knew I'd want to shop their fall/winter selection. These new arrivals definitely didn't disappoint! There's plenty of color, some sparkle for the holidays, and lots of fun textures as I've come to expect from J.Crew Factory. Here are a few of my favorites from their latest.
That camel wrap skirt also comes in burgundy, and I just think it's the most perfect skirt to pair with tights for cooler months! Whether you like to go full-on sparkle for New Year's or prefer a more subdued look, J.Crew Factory has you covered with pretty baubles, that gold jacquard dress, a pair of lace pants, or the leather pleated skirt. I love the balance between cute wintry workwear and fun weekend pieces, like the colorful sweaters, polka dot puffer vest, and ruffled plaid button down.

Which pieces are your favorites?

in my cart | j.crew factory new arrivals

writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket9
writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket6 writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket5 writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket10 writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket1 writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket16 writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket2 writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket17 writes like a girl vintage floral dress bb dakota pierre moto jacket15
jacket: BB Dakota c/o Shopbop // dress: vintage via Prototype Vintage (it's vintage Express - how cool!) // purse: vintage via Pieceology Vintage // shoes: Old Navy // earrings: Gorjana c/o Shopbop

I bought this adorable vintage dress on a recent shopping trip when a friend came to visit. Three of us spent the day trying on clothes, sipping handcrafted sodas, and giggling as we walked up and down South Congress. Last week, I wore this outfit to a Friendsgiving party with some new friends, and we had a blast eating homemade goodies, discussing movies, and sharing what we're all thankful for this year.

When I think about what I'm most thankful for, especially in 2016, it's my friends. I know that sounds sappy and obvious, but I really mean it! Even the other things I'm thankful for, like lady-owned businesses, safe spaces, and the growth I've experienced this year are all things I got to experience because of my friendships. I have the most wonderful people in my life, and I'm unbelievably grateful that I got to live this year, the good and the bad, with them by my side (and on the Internet, of course!).

I've been thinking about my word for 2017, which of course got me thinking about my word from 2016. I had settled on Mindfulness, which I've thought of often (how mindful!) and enjoyed focusing on. Though, I think there are some ideas that we plan to give our attention to, and some themes that define a period of time naturally, without having to think about it. 2016 was such an incredible year for friendship. My community expanded in the best ways with some of the best people I've ever met.

If you're reading this, you're someone I cherish. Either it's because we've become friends, possibly in part to interacting here or over on Instagram (and maybe even in person!), or it's because I'm grateful for the role you play in my life by taking the time to read something I wrote. You gave me space to share, and I'm thankful for that every day. If you haven't commented before or reached out in another way, I'd love to get to know you so we can be friends too!

Speaking of friends, there's a sale going on right now that is perfect for going in on as a group, or for getting the bulk of your holiday shopping for friends and family done all at once! Shopbop's annual Buy More, Save More sale is here again! 

This sale is great because you can go in on it together to get your order big and save bigger. In case you're looking for recommendations, Gift Boutique coincidentally carries a lot of my favorite gift options (especially the gorgeous glassware); BB Dakota (the brand of my jacket in this post) has sweaters, jackets, and more that you, your sister, or your girlfriends will love; and there's nothing nicer than waking up to new and beautiful pajamas on Christmas morning, so I've got my eye on brands like Three J NYC and PJ Salvage for a new pair for me and maybe a pair for my mama too. Also, if you're a lover of a brand like Madewell but wouldn't usually make the splurge, now is a great time for you and your bestie to get matching Transport Totes!

The sale runs for one whole week -- through next Monday, November 28, so save a little time during this week's holiday to add things to your cart!


27 before 27 - half

Six months ago, I was eating pizza and ice cream to celebrate my twenty-sixth birthday with my newly-injured boyfriend and a bunch of my lovely friends. I optimistically set 27 new goals, hoping that instead of life getting in the way of doing the things I wanted, life would just become the things I wanted.

If I'm being honest, this year has been exceptionally hard. Hard in new and unexpected ways. I've had the kind of growing pains that only come with having to get through stuff you can't or don't plan for, knowing there's got to be a light at the other end. I did some serious emotional growing that wasn't exactly on my to-do list, and I'm better for it. But that doesn't mean that some things from my standing to-do list weren't put on the back-burner or sacrificed altogether.

This is how I've learned, over the years, to be flexible with my goals. Goals change as we realize we want or need different things, and as life throws new challenges and blessings our way. Like clockwork, when my birthday rolls around each year, I look at these bucket list goals and try to remember the person I was when I wanted certain things. I then look forward, trying to predict what things I'll want next. Life is funny that way, that you really can't pretend to know what life you'll live too far in the future.

I'm getting a little too far into musing territory as I write this on Sunday evening. I'm trying to reconcile the sadness I felt when I saw how few goals I'd accomplished since May with the fact that this year hasn't exactly made it easy to work towards achieving much beyond making it to the end of each week. Certain goals have had to change; I stopped keeping fresh flowers in the house when I stopped going to the grocery store (read about that here), but I bought several faux blooms that I display around the apartment. Others were postponed; going to the beach was just not in the cards during summer of 2016, but hopefully I can make it in the next six months.

I do have some fun things in the pipe for the coming months that I couldn't mark off just yet! I did cross out renting an AirBnB with Dago because it's technically booked, but Dago and I will be heading to Nashville for New Year's and I couldn't be more excited about it! I'm also planning to finally get my next tattoo in either December or January, budget depending. I had actually forgotten that I set out to find speaking opportunities, but this desire has been reignited recently and is at the forefront of my planning for 2017.

I'm definitely glad that I did this half-birthday check-in, because there are way too many goals I forgot I even set! Here's to doing my best and kicking butt in the next six months!

P.S. Check out my tips for creating your own birthday bucket list!

27 before 27 | halfway there

writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels2 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels9 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels3 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels5 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels15 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels11 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels16 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels6 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels13 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels8 writes like a girl asos gingham smock dress blush block heels17
dress: ASOS // shoes: Loft (similar) // purse: Pink Haley

They say you should write what you know, and I similarly believe you should wear what you like. Pushing the boundaries is great, both as a writer and a person who gets dressed in the morning, but sometimes you just want to do what feels natural. Gingham and pink couldn't be more natural for me, so of course this is an outfit I'm positively obsessed with (and hope no one will call me out for wearing again and again).

Can we talk about this purse for a sec? I decided that I wanted to incorporate grey accessories into my closet this season, but hadn't decided on a purse I really loved. I was leaning towards buying this one from Old Navy that I liked (it looks like it's sold out now), but something was keeping me from pulling the trigger on it. Apparently, what was stopping me was that I would eventually discover this perfect cat-shaped purse, which is equal parts sleek in its boxy shape and solid faux leather exterior and adorable in its, well, cat shape. That's pretty much my aesthetic these days: sophisticated kitsch.

A sizing note about this dress: I'm wearing it in my usual size 8 (for dresses) and I could easily fit a corgi/toddler in here with me. Which is great for eating all the French toast my heart desires, but I figured I should mention it in case you'd prefer to size down. HOWEVER: the sleeves are veeeeery slim. I may or may not have had big ole red marks on the inside of my elbows after wearing it all day the first time. So maybe don't size down and just leave room for corgis, okay?

gingham + blush

5 tips for working from home
This post is sponsored by Favor, though all opinions are my own!

Since starting to work from home in July, I've had some questions in goal posts + on Instagram about what I've learned so far and tips for making it work. There are tons of tips out there, from the importance getting dressed every day to ways to avoid allowing work to take over your home, but these are my own best practices so far based on my experience!

1. Have a dedicated workspace. All these years of blogging and I never had a desk. Well, I had one, but it was covered in piles of stuff and I definitely didn't work at it. When I started working from home, step one was creating a dedicated place for me to work every day. I have a two desk set-up (an L-shape) in our kitchen, placed in front of a big window. The natural light helps me feel creative and productive, and I know that when I sit down at my desk, I'm ready to work. Once my work day is over, I don't even acknowledge my desk for the rest of the night.

2. Make two to-do lists. Raise your hand if you're bad at taking breaks during the day. Just me? Okay, well in case I'm not alone here, this tip is for you. I've found that having a work to-do list and a home/life to-do list gives me a reason to step away from the computer and stretch my legs while also keeping our apartment somewhat in order. On Monday I'll do some laundry, Tuesday I'll catch up with dishes, Wednesday I vacuum and sweep, Thursday I water the plants, etc. Both my apartment and my body thank me for not staying put in my chair all day, and I like that these chores don't take me too out of the zone while I'm working.

3. Put on deodorant. This may sound like a no-duh, but I can't tell you how many times 3 PM has rolled around and I surprised myself with how bad I smelled. Just saying, make deodorant a part of your work from home routine!

4. Don't let choosing your ambiance take up too much time. One of the things I struggled with the most when I started working from home was wasting time choosing just the right background noise. Having a few go-to albums (Joseph's "I'm Alone No You're Not" and Pinegrove's "Cardinal") or playlists (I love the US and UK #ThrowbackThursday playlists and my Daily Mixes!) on Spotify that I can set and forget keeps me from falling into a rabbit hole of options. If I'm going to turn on the TV while I work, it's best that I marathon something like America's Next Top Model or RuPaul's Drag Race that doesn't require my attention to follow a plotline. Plus, it can play and play without my having to pick something new when an episode ends.

5. Order your lunch in with Favor. The thing I was most worried about with working from home was having to stop and make lunch. Y'all know I'm not exactly proficient in the kitchen, and I was wasting way too much energy deciding what I wanted, what I had in the house, and then actually preparing it. Meal planning my dinners is enough of an endeavor every week without having to add another set of meals on top of it. Enter Favor, who will bring me a salad, sandwich, smoothie, or anything else my heart desires at the click of an app. 

We started using Favor when Dago was injured, and now the service is a part of my weekly routine. If I'm not sure what I'm hungry for (pretty much always), I can take a scroll through the Spotlight or Discover options, or check out the menus of my favorite places. I can track the runner of my Favor as they call in, pick up, and deliver my order, while sending them encouraging texts along the way (though Dago says I need to cool it on the emojis). Even if you're a meal planning beast, Favor is a great convenience for those deadline days when your whole to-do list is filled with top priority items and you just don't have a chance to step away.

Because I love Favor so much, I wanted to be sure y'all could give it a try. Use code WLAG5 for $5 off your Favor order, whether you're getting lunch delivered as you work from home or you get exactly what you're craving brought right to your door for dinner!

What are your best tips for working from home? I'm always looking for new recommendations!

5 tips for working from home

writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones2 writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones4 writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones5 writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones7 writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones6 writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones10 writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones15 writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones12 writes like a girl fall outfit colorblock jewel tones13
top: thrifted Urban Outfitters (similar) // skirt: Old Navy (similar) // shoes: Old Navy // bag: vintage Coach via Prototype Vintage // necklace: Old Navy (similar)

I've been thinking lately about how my approach to shopping has changed over the years. I remember walking into Target or Old Navy as a college freshman, dropping $100, and not even really knowing what I walked out with. A pile of jewel-toned v-necks, a striped skirt, a plaid button down -- there wasn't any method to my purchases, either in how they related to one another or the rest of my closet. I grew up with my mom only taking us shopping twice a year: Chanukah and our birthdays. This newfound freedom to walk into any store I wanted and buy whatever I wanted was liberating, sure, but it was far from productive in building a cohesive or wearable closet.

When I talk to my friends about their shopping woes, I get the impression they're taking a similar approach. "I liked the color of the top" or "It looked cute on the mannequin" are about as good a reason as they can give me for why they bought something. Those are two great reasons to try something on, but more involved thinking will keep that purchase from ending up in next month's closet purge.

All three of the items I'm wearing here were technically impulse buys. By that I mean that they weren't things I was actively shopping for, nor were they on a long-running wishlist. The top was something I tried on in a thrift store while a friend was in town, the skirt was a duplicate of another item I was already buying (my black skirt -- seen here), and the shoes were a giddy last minute decision as I walked to the checkout line.

So what magic has caused all three to be in constant rotation?

1. Consider color. One of the more basic tips for creating a cohesive closet is to have a color palette you stick to. Take a look in your closet and see if there are any trends in the colors you're drawn to. Then check out this incredibly useful post on choosing a color palette based on the shades you already own. Now, when you go shopping, you have a sense of what colors will work well in your wardrobe. If there's a blouse in a style you like, choosing a color in your palette with help you be able to style it with complementing colors in your closet. When you have a wardrobe full of outlying colors, it's harder to make outfits. Relying on your palette can also help make a single item more versatile throughout However! If there's something you really love that doesn't fit your usual palette, that doesn't mean you can't buy it! The next two tips may help you justify making the purchase. 

2. What else does it go with? So, the item in question (hopefully) fits into your color palette. Now what? You have have heard of the rule of three. No, not the rule of thirds -- that's an art thing. The rule of three is that you can envision three different outfits with the item, or in the store it stays. For instance, I could wear this top tucked into the skirt in this post with the olive flats I'm wearing, with jeans and booties, or layered under my LBD with loafers. On the other hand, I left this top in the dressing room the other day because it really could only be worn with jeans. Yeah, I could layer a vest or jacket over it, but it wasn't versatile enough for me to prioritize in adding to my closet.

3. Location, location, location. Probably the place where most people get stuck with style is that they don't consider where they're actually going to wear the item. Even if they come up with a few ways to wear it, the purchase might hang in their closet forever because it doesn't actually fit into an occasion or venue they encounter. I have a friend, for instance, who frequently buys dresses, but doesn't wear them because they feel too dressy for her day to day at work. Her shopping would be made more productive if she focused on buying dresses with a more casual style or on pieces that could dress down a dress that's on the less-casual side (perhaps a nice denim jacket/chambray blazer and a pair of booties).

Before buying something that fits your color palette and goes with other clothes in your closet, do you actually have a place to wear it? Of course, there are special occasion dresses or shoes that you buy because eventually you'll have somewhere to wear them. But, much as I love the idea of this top, I have no where in my real life to wear it. An example from my own closet? I've had a lot of buyer's remorse over this skirt. It fits my color palette and I've been able to come up with some really cute outfits for it (also worn here), but it just doesn't make sense for my life of coffee dates, pop-up events, and working from home.

Thanks to these three tips, it's super rare that anything in my closet goes unworn! I'm curious, do you any of these thoughts go through your mind before swiping your card or confirming your online order?

how to shop more productively


I won't lie, it's been an extremely tough week for me. I don't shy away from talking politics here (or on Twitter), but for the sake of self-care, I'm going to keep it light today. Enjoy these links and take care of your people this weekend!

Elana rounded up even more amazing women (and women's organizations!) to follow + support.

19 very real convos Joe and Barry are having this week.

Some exciting news: one of my best blogger babes said "yes!" Loved reading the story of her recent proposal.

Really inspired by Priya's un-capsule. I've used a similar process when I buy a significant number of things at the beginning of a season, so I've loved watching her document the results!

Do you ever feel like there are those people who surely can't be affected by the curse of comparison? I was shocked to learn that Olivia deals with it, just like the rest of us.

How to care for your leather pieces this season.

Are you interested in -- but overwhelmed by -- bullet journaling? It's not my thing, but this is one of the best how-tos I've been!

AJ reviewed the camera + portrait mode on the new iPhone so you don't have to!

And some autumnal office-wear inspiration. (OMG gimme those shoes, Katie!)

Not sure how to style that item you bought last weekend? Caroline shares one of my favorite tips for how to wear it without fear.

A little wishlist: these stacking rings, this ruffle sweater, this perfect wool hat, these real cute skinny jeans, these classy turtlenecks, and these unique earrings.

Alsooooo, if you happen to be in ATX this weekend, be sure to RSVP for the ModCloth + Boss Babes event on Sunday! I'll be speaking, along with ModCloth's co-founder and a super empowering local babe, on the topic of size inclusion in the fashion/retail industry. I am so honored to have been included and would love to see you there! Space is limited, so email storescommunity@modcloth.com to RSVP.


link love

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