austin style blogger writes like a girl pastel and denim dress outfit1 austin style blogger writes like a girl pastel and denim dress outfit3 austin style blogger writes like a girl pastel and denim dress outfit4 austin style blogger writes like a girl pastel and denim dress outfit6 austin style blogger writes like a girl pastel and denim dress outfit7 austin style blogger writes like a girl pastel and denim dress outfit8
dress: ModCloth (similar) // top: English Factory c/o Shopbop // shoes: Old Navy (similar) // purse: STRUT (similar) // earrings: Gudbling

I realized yesterday that we've got less than 10 days before Feel Good, Dress Better launches(!!!), so I wanted to share a little sneak peek with you! One of the sections of the workbook I'm most excited about is the 10 Day Outfit Challenge, which includes daily cues for putting together outfits based on feelings, rather than events. Instead of a look for date night or for your next big meeting, I want you to think about what your outfit makes you feel and what it says to those who see you in it.

Today's outfit comes from one of my favorite prompts -- feminine and creative. I love how each prompt can mean something totally different to each person, and can even mean something different for each day. I could reuse this same prompt every day for a week and probably come up with seven different outfits!

So why this outfit for feminine and creative? When I get dressed, I like to start with one feeling as a base. In this case, I picked out some of my favorite feminine details: eyelet, pastels, and a little heel. Then, I shake things up a bit with a second feeling, throwing a bit of personality in. I never like my outfits to feel *too* anything -- feminine, edgy, casual, etc. I don't love an overly polished look, but that's just me! Anyway, I thought scallops, a fringe purse, and tassel earrings added a dose of "creative" while pairing nicely with the feminine touches in this outfit.

With any experiment, some things are going to work better than others. In hindsight, I think this dress looks best with a top that's more fitted, especially through the sleeves. (Also, it obviously looks best when it's been ironed! And when there's not like 20 mph winds!) I still totally dig this outfit, though, and might even recreate it with a different eyelet top that's actually sleeveless to see if I like it better.

What does a feminine and creative outfit look like for you?

feminine + creative

Can you believe we're already at the end of May? My birthday came and went, and we're firmly in the summer season here in Austin! Luckily, I did a little shopping this month to prepare me for the long, hot season ahead. Floral print, denim, and perfect pink shoes right this way...!

What I Bought

  what i bought may

J.Crew Tie-Waist Shorts - $56.25 (seen here)
Madewell Side-Button Skirt - $98
ASOS Gingham Ruffle-Front Smock Dress - $25.27 (seen here)
ASTR Off-The-Shoulder Blouse - $35.40
Old Navy Cuffed Denim Shortalls - $35.99
Old Navy Classic Semi-Fitted Tank Top x2 (in Lime and Burgundy Stripe) - $7.45 each (seen here)
Moorea Seal Pink Keller Slides - $56

Total Spent: $321.81
Total Earned on Poshmark: $72
Budget Spent: $249.81 (out of monthly $250) = $.09 under budget

Talk about cutting it close! I actually thought I was much more over my budget this month than I ended up being, so hooray for that (and hooray for Poshmark)! Speaking of Poshmark, stay tuned because I'm working on a post about how I've made it work for me. In the meantime, onto the clothes!

J.Crew Tie-Waist Shorts - You can read more about these here, but they're one of my favorite purchases this year. I don't think I mentioned it in my other post, but I ended up getting a size 14. I'm usually a 12, and the twelves fit, but I liked the roomier/more skirt-like fit of the fourteens.

Madewell Side-Button Skirt - Look familiar? That's because it's the chambray version of my yellow skirt! As soon as I got paid this month (like the second the check hit my bank account), I bought this skirt. I've already worn it like six times in the week and a half I've had it, which is a good sign!

ASOS Gingham Ruffle-Front Smock Dress - First thing's first - I ended up returning the denim dress I bought last month. I had hoped for a more fitted look than the denim dress I already own, but the sizing was wonky and it was equally oversized. Back it went, which is when I discovered this pretty dress! I bought it to be my birthday dress and it was a total hit.

ASTR Off-The-Shoulder Blouse - This top was a last minute purchase, made just last Friday. I collaborated with a photographer who wanted to do some fashion work (photos coming soon!), and he mentioned wanted to do at least one outfit that had a soft and romantic look against an urban setting. I got kinda stressed realizing that I don't have much in my closet like that, so I went to the mall and spent several hours trying on every floral wrap dress I could find. Turns out, my short torso and shoulders don't lend themselves well to an off-the-rack wrap dress. Running out of time, I switched directions and decided to get a cute top with the same look to rock with my favorite girlfriend jeans. I actually bought three tops, two of which I'll return, and this was the winner. It's really cute and different from anything else in my closet, so I think it ended up being a good buy!

Old Navy Cuffed Denim Shortalls - For several summers, I've tried to find a great pair of overalls. Last summer I bought this pair, which were cute, but being that they were so tight, weren't exactly practical or comfortable like overalls should be. In the spirit of Feel Good, Dress Better, I let them go and restarted my hunt. I already bought and returned two pairs of overalls this summer, so I was stoked to come upon this pair during a quick trip to Old Navy. They fit perfectly (outfit post coming very soon!) and they're perfect for throwing on and going -- just as overalls should be!

Old Navy Classic Semi-Fitted Tank Tops - Ya girl loves a high-neck, racer-front tank top. These are much more fitted than I usually go for, but they're perfect for tucking into skirts. In fact, you've already seen the lime one paired with a skirt here!

Moorea Seal Pink Keller Slides - If there was a theme of my May shopping, it would be finally finding The One after buying and returning several options. These blush slides are the third pair I've tried. I LOVE THEM. I highly recommend getting them if you, too, have been searching for a pair. They're a little higher than I typically wear (see: slightly higher than my blush ankle strap block heels), but they're incredibly comfy to wear and even walk in. The upper strap is somehow very soft, and the width of it fixed the issue I had with other pairs I tried that cut into my foot. I do want to note that I got a size 8 instead of my usual 7 because I've learned that having a high arch makes me need to size up in backless shoes/slides, otherwise my foot hangs off the back. I'd say my foot is pretty average as far as width, and these actually have plenty of wiggle room, so I think they could work on slightly wider feet.

I can't wait to start sharing the outfits I've been putting together with all these fun pieces! Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out Fran and the other budgeting bloggers for more May buys and budget updates!

what i bought in may

austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts5 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts4 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts8 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts7 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts10 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts12 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts14 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts15 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts18 austin style blogger writes like a girl jcrew liberty floral shorts20
shirt: Old Navy (super similar) // shorts: J.Crew // shoes: American Eagle (gift from Dago) // backpack: c/o ESPEROS // earrings: c/o Beaded by W

Do you buy birthday gifts for yourself? Looking back, I think I have a habit of justifying all my purchases in the month of May as if they are "birthday presents." This year I did things a little differently, though, and set my sights on one particular gift to myself: these J.Crew shorts. I mean...come on, have you ever seen a more "Nicole" pair of shorts?

This may just end up being my favorite outfit of 2017. It's got floral print, stripes, my color of the year, tassels, and the backpack I can't stop, won't stop wearing. I felt 100% comfortable in this look, despite it being a little on the loud. While I have a tendency towards bold prints, some feel more chic and wearable than others. You may be surprised to find that a pair of floral shorts with a giant bow are versatile, but I've coming up with so many outfits to wear them with! Don't worry, most of them involve striped shirts, so you have that to look forward to.

In case you haven't noticed, tie-waist shorts are a big trend this summer -- almost every retailer has a pair! I linked my favorites below so you can grab a pair of your own.

the floral shorts of my dreams

I can't believe it's already that time again! For the last four years, I've celebrated my birthday by putting together a list of goals I want to achieve before the next one -- a birthday bucket list! I mentioned in this month's small goals post that I was about to start working on my 28 before 28 list when my dear friend Ariel gave me a great idea. Instead of setting 28 goals, of which I'll probably accomplish only half, I've decided to focus in on 10 things I really want to do in my 27th year. (Plus, 28 is, like, a lot of goals!)

When putting these goals together, I looked back on what I didn't get done from my 27 before 27 bucket list as well as what I did accomplish. These 10 goals are a combination of things I haven't yet done and the next step forward from things I have. All that said, here's what I plan on doing in my 27th year:
10 before 28

For record and accountability's sake (and since there are only 10 this time around!), here's a little more about each goal:

1. Get My Passport // I have had a couple of opportunities to take work trips out of the country that I had to turn down because I don't have a passport. I just need to do it so I have it on hand if anything comes up! Any passport-getting tips appreciated because I was 11 the last time I had one?

2. Launch Phase 2 of Feel Good, Dress Better // Depending on how the initial launch is received, I have a couple of directions I'd like to take Feel Good, Dress Better for Phase 2. You'll have to stay tuned to find out!

3. Speak On Intuition-Based Dressing // At the heart of Feel Good, Dress Better is a lesson in listening to your intuition. In terms of what I feel I could speak on in a workshop or conference setting, I think an introduction to that idea would make a cool presentation. I knew I wanted a speaking-related goal, and since I already have a handful of speaking events lined up for work into the next year, I want to focus on what I have to say as me.

4. Sign Up for a Consistent Exercise Class // Signing up for some form of exercise class has been one of my goals for years. Being that I'm finally comfortable with my body, I think I'm actually ready to do it. I had a more specific goal of signing up for Camp Gladiator listed originally, but made it more vague in case I end up falling in love with yoga (which I'm trying today for the first time in a group setting! Wish me luck!) or another form of exercise.

5. Take a Week-Long Vacation // This is one of those 27 Before 27 goals that never panned out that I'm dedicated to making happen this year. I've still taken hardly any vacation in the two and a half years I've been with my job, so it's about time I do!

6. Upgrade Our Bed + Mattress // Again with a goal from last year, but now with the upped ante to include getting a new mattress. Hoping those workbook funds come through so we can celebrate with a new bed and mattress! I've pretty much decided on Tuft & Needle for the mattress, but if anyone has suggestions for nice and reasonably priced mattresses or beds, send 'em over!

7. Get My Second Tattoo // I'm excited to share an update on this goal! It's been on and off my lists for the last four years and I finally figured out why. Back in 2014, I wrote a post called To Tattoo or Not Tattoo. That should have been the moment when I realized that the tattoo I wanted next -- a fork on the inside of my left bicep -- was just not something I wanted permanently on my body. The reason behind the tattoo is very personal; it was meant to be a symbol of eating disorder recovery and control over food. However, I just couldn't picture myself at 40 still explaining that part of my life. A couple of months ago, it hit me that I was obviously putting off this tattoo for a reason. Since that post in 2014, I've also had a "third" tattoo that I wanted: a botanical piece on top of my right thigh. As soon as I determined that I was moving on from the fork tattoo, I got so excited to get the thigh one! I need to save a little bit of money, but I'm pumped to get it done this summer to enjoy during shorts season!

8. Find My Signature Cocktail // I'm not much of a drinker, but when I do find myself in a bar, I never seem to know what to order. I would love to have a go-to cocktail I can order anywhere and enjoy. I've been recently trying to branch out, only to find that I dislike most alcohols and end up handing my drink off to a friend. I like gin and tequila, and I like fruity. Lemon seems pretty safe? Anyway, this is my year to figure it out!

9. Build Relationships with Dream Brands // When I think about my goals for Writes Like a Girl, they are not monetary. Maybe this isn't the place to talk about this, but I've just realized that I'm not all that interested in writing content I don't care about to make some extra money. Which, by the way, is why I haven't. I can count the number of sponsored posts I've done in the last six years on one hand. What I do want, however, is for this space to allow me to collaborate with brands I'm passionate about as well as to share those brands with you. Some of those dream brands are bigger retailers, but most of them are indie brands I care about and think you should too. I've always been sheepish when it comes to sending pitch emails, but now that I've decided money doesn't have to be an issue, I'm just excited to reach out and see how I can work with people doing cool things on a consistent or continued basis.

10. Go Camping // I was supposed to go camping before turning 27 and it didn't happen. Let's make it happen before 28, okay??

So that's it! If you missed the recap on my 27 before 27 goals, you can find that in yesterday's post!

10 before 28

austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress1 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress2 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress3 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress4 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress5 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress6 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress7 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress12 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress13 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl gingham asos dress14
dress: ASOS // purse: c/o Pink Haley Handbags // shoes: Loft (very similar) // earrings: Gudbling

Oh hey, I turned 27 yesterday! And this is what I wore! When I spotted this dress on ASOS, I knew it would make a great birthday dress because it's equally festive -- I mean, just look at those ruffles -- and easy to wear again. Plus, it was perfect for my day of fun and low-key activities: pizza eating, craft fair shopping, margarita drinking, and ice cream enjoying. What, you don't spend your birthday eating all your favorite foods? One of us is doing birthdays wrong, and I don't think it's me!

Because this birthday girl loves goals, I'm celebrating with a look back on the 27 goals I set for my 26th year.

27 before 27 - recap

12/27 doesn't sound very impressive, but I did so many cool things this year! The big ones are definitely leaving the state, the speaking opportunities, and, of course, the workbook! I'm also so glad I decided to set out to paint something once a month, to sell clothes on Poshmark (upcoming post on this!), and to get quarterly massages. I plan on keeping up with the massages for sure! Who knew my perfect white button down would have a cat collar or that our guest room would become our podcast studio?

As for the things I didn't do...there are a few overarching reasons why:

A. I started and didn't finish. This applies to the enamel pin (designed but never produced), visiting three beaches (only one), watching the Best Picture nominees (saw five out of nine), and cooking five new recipes (stopped counting, but I think I only did three or four).

B. My circumstances changed: I meant to bring baked goods to work but then we started working from home; I thought my car was almost paid off but I had another year.

C. I was focusing on other things or forgot about it entirely: pretty much everything else.

Overall, I'm really proud of what I did accomplish. I advanced myself personally and professionally in exciting new ways during my 26th year. Even with the setbacks -- and there were some major ones (Dago's injury, both of our mothers' health issues, the passing of my grandmother) -- I'll look back on 26 as a good year.

Here's to hoping 27 is even better, more fruitful, and more fun! Stay tuned because I'll be sharing my goals for this year tomorrow!

birthday dress

austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt10 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt1 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt9 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt8 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt11 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt3 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt7 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt4 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt5 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl white eyelet skirt2tank: Old Navy // skirt: J.Crew Factory (this season's version) // shoes: Kate Spade c/o Shopbop (more Kate Spade flats) // clutch: Old Navy (very similar) // necklace: vintage

Remember this skirt? I bought it last year during Memorial Day weekend and was sure I was going to wear it a ton. A white eyelet skirt is something that had been on my wishlist forever, something I reached for all the time that I didn't have in my closet, and yet something that I just didn't end up wearing all that much. What gives?

With my recent style shift, I've been going through my skirts and selling several on Poshmark. I was initially ready to let this skirt go, but decided to give it another chance. It's spring, almost summer, now -- what better time to rock a little white and eyelet?

I'm super glad I decided to hold onto it because this outfit has opened my eyes to all the options this eyelet skirt really holds! This new color combo also has me excited to shake things up a bit. The coral necklace is yet another gem I inherited from my grandmother's collection.  And the touch of gold? Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty proud of this outfit as a whole!

Love the look of this skirt? I rounded up a few similar white midi skirts below!

coral and chartreuse

writes like a girl morning routine

Has anyone else noticed morning routines become a bit of a buzzword lately? Everybody seems to have one or wants to know how to get one. I'm not a morning person, so having a routine wasn't really of interest to me (though maybe it should have been? Maybe that's the point?). However, now that I have one, I kind of get the hype!

My morning routine just sort of happened upon me, but I thought I'd share the two things I just can't seem to stop doing every day!

No. 1: Daily Tarot Pull

If you follow along with my monthly small goal posts, then you know that last month I made a habit of doing a daily tarot reading for myself. I started off with pulling three cards each morning, but it honestly became a little time consuming and I wasn't getting as much out of it. Now, I pull one card every day. First, I shuffle the deck. Since the deck is so big, I split it in half and then in half again to shuffle. I like that this is both more effective in actually shuffling (not a talent of mine) and in keeping my full attention for a few moments completely void of screens. Flow activities were an important part of my self-care back in my hotline work days, and I've been loving this small return to that. 

Anyway, so I shuffle until I feel ready, and then I choose the first card on top of the deck. The question I keep in mind is "What do I need to know about today?" I use the Goddess Tarot Deck (here), which has different meanings for the Major Arcana than a traditional deck. I always have the guidebook handy because I definitely haven't learned all of the Major and Minor Arcana. I read a little about the story behind the card, but my main focus is the meaning of the card. I take a few moments to meditate on how the meaning of the card answers my question. 

In an ideal world, I'd also journal about that meditation and meaning, but honestly I write for my job and for this blog, and journaling on top of that sometimes feels like too much. However, my friend Maggie is doing a cool thing where she has a specific notebook she writes in during her daily card pull to keep track of things like trends in what cards she pulls and how they're affecting her day-to-day and long-term goals. (Read more about her process here!) She's the best and I wish I could be that diligent!

I thought it would be fun to give an example of a card and how I interpreted them into my day. Yesterday's card was XII - SACRIFICE - KUAN YIN. This is a Major Arcana card (The Hanged Man in the traditional deck). Kuan Yin, I learned, is thought of as the holy mother of compassion and mercy. Basically, in Chinese culture, she is said to have been so compassionate and merciful in her life that she was turned into a goddess when she reached heaven. The keywords that go along with this card are Compassion, Surrender, and Patience and the meaning has to do both with empathy and with sacrifice in order to gain enlightenment or to surrender to higher goals. My meditation had to do mostly with being a good listener. It was a Monday morning and I was tired, but I wanted to make an effort to hear out anyone I came across in my daily interactions. I may have tasks or small goals I want to accomplish for the day, but if I was faced with choosing between my own want and someone else's need, I should do my best to help them reach their goal.

One thing I do want to note is that my deck also mentions a "reverse" meaning for each card. This applies to cards that are flipped upside-down when they're pulled and tends to instruct an opposite meaning. In the case of yesterday's card, the reverse meaning is to avoid pain for gain and refers to the focus of materialism to the detriment of spirituality. These alternate meanings can give a little more context to a card, but after talking to a master tarot reader while I was in New Orleans about it, I personally don't take a lot of stock in the reverse meaning. Plus, I think turning an upside-down card has more to do with me being a bad shuffler than anything else. ;)

No. 2: Harvest Moon Tonic

I am probably most excited about this part of my daily routine! One of my oldest blog friends Lindy Callahan reached out to me last month about a new venture she started and it's just about the coolest thing ever. Lindy's family has live and farmed in the same Utah county since the 1850s and she was recently inspired to start a micro flower farm of her own called Harvest Moon Flora. Out of this farm came a line of natural skin care products, beginning with floral tonic sprays she brews herself! Lindy is a nature-loving licensed aesthetician, and I couldn't be prouder of her for finding the perfect career move!

Lindy was sweet enough to send me a tonic to try, and I'll be honest, I had no idea what a tonic was. I chose the Bergamot Spark tonic after reading that its combo of green tea and Bergamot (a citrus fruit, I learned) has a grounding, energizing affect. I'll be honest here and say that my night routine is even less eventful than my morning one used to be (I'm lucky if I run a makeup wipe across my face before I go to sleep - yes, I keep them next to my bed). I thought it was much more likely I would actually use a spray in the morning, when I wake up at the same time every day, than at night.

I'm proud to say that I have been STOKED to use my tonic every morning! In fact, it's made me do a better job taking my makeup off at night so I have a fresh face to spray in the morning. Not only does it help me feel focused and ready to start working, but I've absolutely noticed a difference in my skin! My face feels tighter and brighter. I have combo dry/oily skin, but overall I can tell that my dry spots are less dry and I don't get as oily as quickly. Plus, it obvi smells great.

You can learn more about Harvest Moon's floral tonics here, all about the incredible flower farm here, and about Lindy herself here! (Note: Lindy did send me a tonic to try, but I put together this post of my own volition and all of these opinions are my own!)

What does your morning routine entail? Or, for that matter, your night routine? Now that I'm a routine person, I'm interested to know what others do and what I should consider adding to mine!

2 ways i've updated my morning routine

austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes1 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes2 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes6 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes16 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes13 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes14 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes17 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes5 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes8 austin fashion blogger writes like a girl old navy culottes18
tank: Old Navy // culottes: Old Navy // backpack: c/o ESPEROS // clogs: Lotta from Stockholm via Poshmark // necklace: vintage

One of my favorite pages in Feel Good, Dress Better (launching June 8!!!!) is an activity where you answer some questions about your personal style icons. The women you follow on Instagram, pin photos of to your outfit inspiration board, and look to for ideas when getting dressed in the morning. When I did the activity myself, I was happy to analyze the style of my friend Laurel.

Laurel Kinney is an Austin-based personal stylist whose style I've followed for years (like, a really long time). We ran in adjacent circles, but while I was still a broke college kid, she was building a successful business sharing her fashion expertise with the people of our fair city. It wasn't until this time last year that we actually met in person, one-on-one, for the first time. I think I wore a blazer, a signature piece in most of her outfits, to our coffee date.

Before meeting Laurel in person, her style intimidated me a little. She leans a little androgynous with her outfit choices and wears fashion-forward silhouettes that are much more front-row-at-fashion-week than found-this-at-the-mall. I was enamored with her look, but only from afar. At the time, it didn't feel accessible or "me."

After getting to know Laurel, I found so much more playfulness in her style. Her clothing isn't overly serious, it's tailored but comfortable. Laurel is full of laughter and silliness (her Insta stories are a must-watch) and, from my view, she seems to value finding ease in everything. That ease, that playfulness -- that was something I could get behind.

I started to think of ways to add Laurel's "tailored ease" to my "playfully classic" style. The two actually complement each other well, so I started looking for specific pieces that fit into both categories. As soon as spring rolled around, wide-legged cropped pants and culottes moved to the top of my must-find list. I've long dismissed people who said skinny jeans are over (they're so universal and they have their place in nearly every woman's closet, so I just don't think we're all going to make the transition to flare jeans anytime soon), but I became interested in shaking things up in the pants department.

I know this feels like a long story that ends with some Old Navy pants, but I'm always interested in hearing from women how they form their personal style, how it ebbs and flows. I've been in a style shift lately and, while I still completely identify with my playfully classic personal style identity, I'm exploring what that means.

This outfit doesn't have a defined waist. It actually doesn't have much of a defined anything, other than the racer-front treatment on the straps (a favorite of mine!). A year ago, this outfit wouldn't have felt like something I could wear. Now, wearing it makes me feel playful and classic and like I run this town (I don't, but still). When I walk into a coffee shop and someone I know says "hey," I feel like maybe other people think I'm important because I'm dressed like I might be. And, more importantly, I'm carrying myself like I am.

Who are your personal style icons? What pieces have intimidated you but you're excited to try anyway?

P.S. I highly recommend signing up for Laurel's newsletter! It's my favorite one I get to my inbox and I always learn something cool from her. Obvi this post isn't sponsored by her at all, but I'd be remiss not to share it!

personal style icons

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