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Who doesn't love four-day weeks? Sure, it was a little more stressful than usual packing everything into four days, but I definitely did not mind having Monday off! Tomorrow is Dago's birthday (31!) and the festivities are starting tonight with seeing our favorite band at one of my favorite bars (that has one of my favorite drinks). Before I shimmy into this weekend, how about some links?

When your mayor is better than all the other mayors.

Valery ranked 15 mascaras so we didn't have to! My go-to (CoverGirl Lash Blast Volumizing Mascara) didn't make the list -- did yours? I'm excited to try her top picks!

All of these Australian animals are of the NOPENOPENOPE species.

Three words: pool floatie goodness.

Do you have a favorite contender for song of the summer? There are so many great options this year!

Really appreciated Kimi writing this post about having a "regular" blog in a world of instablogs. Obviously, I have no plans of abandoning this space for the Insta-platform. Facebook could delete the app tomorrow and I feel confident enough in what I'm created here to know that I would still have people reading. (Thanks to you, that is!)

Very into the circle bag trend right now. That coral cross body is calling my name!

I've become really interested in the state of retail in our current economy. This change for J.Crew is great for me, but I do wonder what it means for the company. I'm curious to know your thoughts!

Speaking of shopping, I could not stop laughing at this list of unpleasant thoughts and what was bought in order to stop having them.

Shashi is killing it in the statement earrings department.

By now you know I'm a total fangirl for Stacy London, so of course I loved this profile (and makeover!) she did with Man Repeller.

A wishlist for the weekend: these trendy jeans, these cute slides, this romantic wrap skirt, this striped halter peplum top, and these pineapple pjs.

P.S. Next Monday is monthly small goals post day, so get your goals ready to link-up!

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