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Major news this week: Target will be discontinuing Merona and Mossimo in exchange for 12 new brands! (Including a gender-neutral kids' line!) It's been a long time since I've shopped at Target for clothes regularly, but this refresh may make me a frequent customer again!

I know it's way too early to think about transitional summer-to-fall outfits, which is why I'm pinning this one for later. (It's also totally perfect for working out of cold coffee shops!)

My pom-pom loving self is obsessed with this brand (how much do I need those pink espadrilles??).

Alissa is a curly-haired mermaid goddess of love and light and we do not deserve her. Oh, and she wrote a post about why she loves giving compliments. (Which is my favorite thing too! And I only bother when it's honest, so you know I mean it when I compliment you!)

Have you ever heard of a cake smash? It's a trend among children + family photographers, as well as new moms I suppose, where a baby is given a little cake of their own to destroy on their first birthday. This photographer set up a cake smash shoot for a very special 90-year-old woman and the photos are maybe the happiest thing I've ever seen!

The happiest thing I saw this week: 18 tweets about women supporting women.

Proof that even a gorgeous Bollywood actress struggles with body image, and a plea for all of us to show ourselves more love and grace to set an example for others.

Last weekend I took myself out for a bra fitting since it has been a couple of years. Thank goodness I did because I've gone up a cup size (my bras were getting so uncomfortable!) and I came home with three new Natori bras (one, two, three) that I'm obsessed with!

Caroline (and her co-host Lee) just started their 10x10 summer outfit challenge! I love the pieces and colors she chose this time around. I haven't done a remix challenge in a while, but always wonder if that's something y'all would be interested in seeing me do on the blog. Thoughts? Do you like to just see me re-wear things or would you be into seeing me style the same 10-ish pieces 10-ish ways?

I noticed the other day that my Old Navy tote has seen better days, so I'm thinking it's time to upgrade. I've always heard great things about the Madewell Transport Tote - but which is your favorite?

I loved Priya's recent post on her finally claiming blogging as her hobby. I think I'm actually in the minority for being open about my blog with family and friends from the get-to.

These Mar Y Sol bags are perfect for your next beach trip (the crossbody is my fav!).

Two great posts on culottes: one and two.

A little wishlist: this perfect striped dress (on sale!), this very cool tank top, this precious gingham flats, these festive statement earrings, these fabulous gold booties, and this totally romantic blouse.

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