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september small goals

After a solid start to the summer, August was a tough one. We got quite a bit of bad news this month, including a diagnoses that Dago's mama's cancer is back. Our personal struggles paired with the pain our country went through, from Charlottesville to Houston, made this month one of the hardest this year. I just feel exhausted. Usually the new moon ignites my motivation, but the eclipse really messed with me mentally and emotionally, so I just haven't been feeling it. I guess I'm telling you this as a preface to my goal recap because there are somethings it seems like I should have done that just didn't happen.

All of that said, here's how I did in August:

1. expand my audience for Feel Good, Dress Better | Nope. See above.
2. go to the gym with friends | Done! This was my one big win for the month. Not only did I go to the gym with friends, but I got a gym membership too! I've been going to Planet Fitness with friends a couple times a week and really enjoying it so far!
3. prep for Palm Springs | Done! And - guess what - I'm in Palm Springs right now! Check out my Insta to follow along!
4. maintain a clean apartment | Done! Well, done and not done. My main focus for this goal was keeping my side of our bedroom and specifically the closet clean, which was a success! I also did a pretty good job of staying on top of dishes and the bathrooms. My desk on the other hand? That's a different story.
5. make some progress in paying off my credit card debt | Nope. And some unforeseen circumstances actually made it worse - womp womp.

3/5-ish? Honestly, I'll take it. The only goal I actively tried at this month was getting to the gym, so I'm glad I was able to mark that off the list.

Onward to my September goals!

1. Enjoy my freaking vacation | Long story short, what was initially a work trip to Palm Springs is now a week-long vacation in Palm Springs and I AM READY FOR IT (which is good, since, by the time this is live, I'm already here!). I have never taken a week-long vacation - in fact, it's one of my 10 before 28 goals - but I have high hopes that it's going to cure me of my funk.
2. Go to the gym every week that I'm in Austin | In addition to Palm Springs, I'm going to Asheville for work later this month, but the rest of the weeks I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of my gym membership! 
3. Choose a new Personal Style ID | If you're in the Feel Good, Dress Better Facebook group then you know that I'm looking for a new way to describe my style! I've identified with "playfully classic" for the last few years, but my style has shifted and I think there are words that are a better fit. Let me know if you have any suggestions for how you'd describe my style!
4. Drink more water | Yeah, I'm going pretty easy on myself this month, but with all the travel I'm doing, staying on top of water intake is even more important!
5. Do one big marketing push for FGDB | I kinda took a month off on accident as far as workbook promotion is concerned. I'd love to either pitch someone from my dream list or host an event dedicated to the workbook, but need to work out some details first on the latter so I'm going to keep it vague for now!

Your turn! Share your small goals for September via the link-up below or in the comments!

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