Shop the Autumn/Winter Trends 2021

There are some edgy looks you can try this fall. A perfect mix of timeless style with the romantic dark and burgundy mood will give you fashion that charm and volume. The theme of the fashion for this year’s fashion is versatile and unique. There are plenty of styles mentioned in this article. Pick the style that you think would love and elevate your style.

Big shoulders

The fashion designers of these times are bringing back the graphically shaped shoulders in the shapes of square, triangle and what-not. You are sure to turn when you put this on.

Bohemian chic

If your style is the hybrid between the hippy and the jet-setter, opt for this style. You are sure to look elegant while you rock your clothing with beautiful embroidery, lavish fabrics and rich designs. The bohemian is definitely making a comeback this year.


The fashion has moved over goth and is welcoming the Biker girl vibes. The theme has become a runaway favourite. Be it, Louis Vuitton or Dior, you will find you pick that matches the racing style.


Romantic frills are making a fashionable comeback. All the silhouette looks perfect in ruffles. It gives the aristocratic vibes and is a great choice for the workplace too.



We feel the Met Gala 2021 look of Kim Kardashian and it has definitely worked. Though fashion does not have to be so dark and uncomfortable, there are various other dominatrix styles to choose from that have a feminine silhouette for your fashion fetish.


Remember all those music videos where the singer would rock the tiny silver dress? Silver depicts luxury. If there is more embroidery, crystals or rhinestones to it, all the better. Play with different shades of silver this autumn for your on-point style.


Capes have back again this season. This risqué fashion is the most practical one keeping you from the cold weather and people alike. You will love the regal feeling that it gives when you put it on.


Do you want to channel your Matrix’s, Keanu Reeves? Gothic has revived on the runway this year. Put it on and put your most fashionable foot forward.

Clock block

You do not have to follow the fashion rules. There is nothing like two colours not going together. Put on your sweet shade of pink on your red overalls. It’s fine. You can pull it off. The idea is to make your fashion pop.

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