Say Hey, to ‘90s Shoes Fashion Model

The ’90s were an exciting decade, and I guess that’s why we are not over it yet. It was a time of new technology, from consoles to the internet. The Simpsons and grunge music was in the hype. So was it also known for introducing some unique fashion trends? It was minimalist and less flashy than other decades, but a style statement, with the popularity of casual chic, looks more.

Let’s take a look at this decade and its fashion which is coming back fresh and evergreen in the present times.

Say Hey, to ‘90s

Basics in the ’90s

Crop Tops and Flared jeans along with choker, hair tied in an updo with scrunchie is the vibe.

  • Crop Tops: An essential fashion item for ladies living in the ’90s. They are classy and cute and can be paired with mom jeans. Exposing one’s mid-riff is not easy to pull off, but you can experiment with blazers or high waist skirts. Crop tops are an everyday look for your 2020’s. Style them with skinny jeans or 90’s baggy jeans.
  • Flared Jeans: What replaced the skinny jeans was this more aesthetic and loose approach of flared denim, a gift of the ‘90s now trending various versions from recycled low rise jeans to mid-high rise flare jeans. Today these baggy jeans or joggers are the new trends of 2020. Style flared jeans with crops and add-on with a leather jacket.
  • overalls/jumpers: Casual and comfortable, these were the clothing trend very 90-ish, worn by both genders these sleeveless denim jumpers are a fashion statement in itself. (I mean, Monica rocked them every time, you should too!) styles these 90’s look to your office or a casual working day.
  • Leather jacket: It was a must-have in the ’90s. It’s a must-have now. They come in various styles, from fringed to pastel colors. The leather jacket is a piece of cloth that can go along with multiple dressing styles and hence is a must-have. Style your leather jacket with white shirts, or crops, give it a bike ride look.


Now to the Fancier side of 90’s trends:

  • Cardigans: They are on-trend in 2021 as they were in the ‘90s. They were worn not as cover-ups but on their own, giving a chic look. Supermodels of the present all rock this cloth, From chunky ones to embroidered ones. They quickly come in fashion and may be a massive hit with various pastel colors and fluffy textures.
  • Velvet Spaghetti dress: Class evening wear has been recently from the ‘90s. They look flattering and minimalist in look. With velvet fabric being a center, it is wearable and looks fashionable too. A fantastic velvet dress with a fabulous pair of black pumps is an effortless style.

Whether it’s the 90’s or 2021, the trends are recreated from the olds. Style your new style with old and flaunt the 90’s.

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